not really a run… more like a jog…

neon pink nike running shoe

As a mom of five boys, it is easy to forget to do things for me. Between having a baby permanently attached to my body the moment I get home, to running the older boys to their activities, it is easy to get lost in all that.  For the last couple months, I have been trying to make a concerted effort to carve a bit of time out for myself.  Somehow, I settled on “running” as my activity.

Let me make this clear.  I am not a runner.  I have never been one who runs.  I used to joke that, in order to run, I would need some motivation… Like a crazed psychotic clown chasing me with a meat cleaver.

Yet, somehow, I landed on running.  Not only that… but I wanted to do some distance running.  (Wha??) And enter in 5K races.  (Whaaaaa?)

I started my decent into madness by downloading a Coach to 5K App… 9 weeks, how hard could it be?  Not too bad, actually.  I thought it was all pretty easy.  It took me a couple repeats to get the 25 minute run down, but I did it.  I won’t say I enjoyed any part of it.  But I did complete each workout.  At first, oldest son Emery would run along with me.  But he went on a trip to London for a couple weeks, and when he came back, he complained that he was out-of-shape and waaaah waaaaah waaaaaah.  (He might have been forming actual words, but I couldn’t make them out through all the whining.)

I vary my routine a bit around town to keep my interest up. One thing I have found is that I am not a good treadmill runner.  I do own a treadmill (and an elliptical).  But honestly, I find them quite boring and I will lose interest and just give up.  I am thinking these will be a winter training option for me when it gets too cold for me to run outside.  (I really don’t like the feeling of cold air in my lungs and being that I live in Kansas… that will be an issue shortly).

My BIG goal (note the underlining + bolding there) is to do the Warrior Dash next year.  I went ahead and signed up just to force myself to keep with it. (This is nuts, why am I trying to do this?)  But before I can run and leap over FIRE (again with the underlining + bolding), I needed something a bit less daunting.  (Maybe I am making too big a deal out of it, but at the last Warrior Dash, runners in Kansas City died.  I needed my first official 5K event to be something less intimidating.  I chose the Color Run for my first event.  This Saturday, I will be running around Lawrence, Kansas getting pelted with colorful powder and trying to RUN the entire time.

My training hasn’t been as hardcore as most people would do.  I had some illnesses that derailed me a bit.  But I stuck with it.  Not enjoying a minute of it.  At all.  Most nights, I would force myself to run and just really hated it the entire time.  Only when I was out of the shower and getting a rest did I think, “Oh, that felt GOOD.”  Miraculously, last night, for the first time ever did I think  during the run, “Hey, this feels good!”  I could have kept going after the time was up, but decided not to push it since I have an event this weekend.

In a few more weeks, I will be actually competing in a race and not just a fun run.  I entered the Maple Leaf Run, a 5K even during our town’s annual Maple Leaf Festival.  I am not looking to place.  I just hope to run the entire time.  Not finishing dead last would be a bonus. :)

Anyway… Maybe I will share some of my progress as I work my way along.  I recently had the thought (!!!!) of trying a 10K (wha????) and actually downloaded the 5K to 10K Training App (wha????????).  Oh my.

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