Groundhog Run

Event: Groundhog Run

Location: Kansas City, MO

Date: 1/27/2013


Not a groundhog day race, but a reference to the race being run in an underground complex.  This course was in the tunnels at the Hunt Complex.  The appeal of the underground races is getting to run a race in the winter in a climate-controlled environment.  The downside is that the air is musty and being underground, your GPS won’t work.  You have to run blind.

I had the stomach flu for this race and really didn’t feel like running it.  I made myself get up anyway and ran the entire race pretty much convinced I was going to have to stop and throw up.  Not a fun feeling.  Since my phone didn’t work, I wasn’t able to use my online music library. I ended up having to listen to one of the few songs actually stored on my phone. So far over an hour, I listened to Twisted Transistor by Korn.

Time: 1:12:42

Pace: 11:43

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