Sweetheart Shuffle

Event: Sweetheart Shuffle

Location: Independence, MO

Date: 2/9/2013


This run is part of a holiday run series put on by a local personal training company.  They offer a 5K and 10K option for each race. I chose to do the 10K. The course runs through the Bass Pro Shops park, a neat area with trails and a creek.  It has a lot of hills but is very scenic. Nicer than running around residential areas or parking lots!

I did fine in the race but my hips became very sore. The last couple miles I just really wanted it to be over and I was on auto-pilot just wanting to go home. By the time I finished, all the 5K finishers had taken all the medals, so they took my contact information and said they’d contact me when they were able to order more. I was said because I like to get my medals right away – such a sense of accomplishment. And I felt like the 10K runners were being penalized by not getting a medal. (I ended up getting my medal well over  a month later).

Time: 1:02:18

Pace: 10:02

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