Shamrock Shuffle

Event: Shamrock Shuffle

Location: Lawrence, KS

Date: 3/9/2013


The course for this race was again on the levee trail in Lawrence, but instead of starting behind Johnny’s Tavern as the Sweetheart did, it started on the other side of the bridge in the opposite direction.  It was a rainy day and I didn’t want to take my phone (I didn’t have a Garmin yet) so I ran “blind.”  I did some stretching and slow jogging to get ready. My IT band was feeling tight and my hips were sore.  There were some interesting costumes that morning – one guy was running in tighty-whiteys and suspenders.  Yikes.  I wore a white running skirt, white and green shirt and shamrock Pro Compression socks.

I was feeling great in the race, chugging along, but I probably started out a little too fast.  I didn’t know how far I had gone and that was really messing with me mentally.  I took a short walk at what was probably 2.75 miles. If I had known I was that close, I wouldn’t have walked, but like I said, mentally I was beating myself up.  When I saw the finish line, I started sprinting.  This was actually a really bad thing as I over-strided and ended up really hurting myself.  More on that in a bit.

Time: 29:11

Pace 9:24

Aftermath… Months of training for the half marathon on the brick streets of Baldwin had taken its toll. After this race, my IT Band was angry. I had ignore my aching hips and weird feeling in my right leg for a month and this race did me in.  After this race, I was not even able to run a mile without having to sto in pain. My mileage plummeted and my hopes for a first marathon with “all running” were gone.  I learned running on cambered brick streets was a BAD THING to do.  I began seeing a chiropractor upon recommendation by my friend LaRissa.  Twice a week, I subjected myself to ART, Graston and dry needles.  I ordered custom orthotics. I was ordered to do lots of exercises (which, ahem… I never do).

I knew my next race, the Diva Dash, wasn’t gonna be good. I just didn’t know how bad…

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