Garmin Wickedly Fast Half

Event: Garmin Marathon – Wickedly Fast Half

Location: Olathe, KS

Date: 4/20/2013


My first half marathon! Yay! I had been looking forward to the really cool Wicked Witch medal for this one.  I knew that this was going to be rough as my IT Band had really been hurting.  I came in with the expectation that I might have to run-walk the entire thing.  All the chiro visits and custom orthotics couldn’t erase the months of training I foolishly did on brick streets.

The course started in the Garmin parking lot and would around Olathe residential streets.  I was happy to find a pace group to line up with.  I decided to line  up with the 2:45 pace group and hope for the best.  The time flew by fast just chatting with the other runners.  The pace seemed really slow so I wasn’t having any issues keeping up, and they were walking through the water stops. A lot of runners were dressed in Wizard of Oz themed costumes since the race is dubbed the Marathon in the Land of Oz.  Lots of Dorothys, Lions, Flying Monkeys and Witches.

I began having some tummy troubles, so another runner and I decided to take a porta-potty break at mile 4 and try catching up later.  Soon after, we both started having IT Band issues and decided to try to stay together.  We walked when we needed to but ran quickly enough to keep up a decent pace.  About mile 10, she told me to go ahead without her and I finished out the last few run/walking by myself.  I ended up catching up to the 2:50 group and passing them. J  For as much walking and, uh, bathroom breaks, as I had to do, I will take it!


Time: 2:49:16

Pace: 12:56

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