Warrior Dash

Event: Warrior Dash

Location: Platte City, MO

Date: 4/27/2013


Finally.  The event that launched all this crazy training had arrived.  I drove all the way out to BFE… AKA Platte City, MO.  It was a cold and rainy day, but I really was unprepared for the mud.  Because, well… I hate being dirty.  Yeah, I know, I signed up for a muddy obstacle run. But it never really hit me until right then how muddy I was gonna get.

I stopped by my chiropractor’s tent and he worked a bit on my IT Band and hips. I noticed the line for bad check was long, so I asked if I could stash my phone and stuff with him.  He said yeah, but joked to lock my phone or he would look through my pictures.  So I quickly locked my phone and headed out to the course.

The thing I remember most was, at first, I was trying hard NOT to get dirty,  Everyone else is diving in and I was trying not to touch anything. Yeah…. That kept me fairly clean until we got to these big mud pits were you head to slide down hill into waist-high dirty water, then climb up another hill and repeat two more times.  That got me dirty pretty quickly.  From there, I was resigned to dirtiness.

The lines for the obstacles starting getting backed up and that was kind of annoying.  A couple I passed entirely because I didn’t want to wait 10 minutes just to crawl under 20 feet of barbed wire.

My favorite was jumping over the fire – which was the one that actually scared me the most.  Everyone commented that in my fire jump pictures, I am holding my hands out like, “OMG! I just want to wash my hands!”  Which was true.


After the event, I met up with my friend LaRissa who just slide belly-first down a mudhill with her husband.  Crazy woman!  I went back to the tent and got my phone and car keys and began trudging to my car.

That is when my trouble started.  My phone wouldn’t unlock.  I KNEW the code I put in, but it was saying it wasn’t right.  I tried and tried until the phone just outright locked me out.  Bad news since I used the GPS to get up there.  I was also unable to make phone calls, so I could not call for directions or find my friend Dave who was coming up to see me run.


I got to my car and realized that I didn’t bring a change of clothes with me and I was covered in mud.  I couldn’t get in my car like that!  All I had that was clean was the event t-shirt they gave me.  And it was a women’s cut shirt and not even long.  Oh well.  Lucky I parked way in the back of a side lot.  I stripped down, put on the shirt, and threw my muddy shoes and clothes in the back of my Mini.  And drove home.  Naked. And not entirely sure where I was going.  Then had to make a mad dash to get into my house.  (Did I mention I was wearing running rights for the race and I don’t wear underpants with those?) Yeah.

I got cleaned up and Sprint had to wipe my phone to unlock it.

Lessons Learned:

Be discerning of who you leave your phone with.

Bring extra clothes to a mud run.

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