Boots N Daisy Dukes 5k

Event: Boots N Daisy Dukes

Location: Independence, MO

Date: 6/9/2013


I signed up for this race because I just really wanted to get a run in… I wasn’t excited about the “country theme” of the race. I immediately gave the trucker hat and event shirt to my kids. I signed Bowie up for the Kids Run since he was wanted to start running.  We weren’t sure how long the kid course would be, but he was excited about getting a medal.

The packet pick-up was at the Bass Pro Shops, so we took the kids and made an afternoon out of it. They have family events on the weekends like archery and fishing.  The little ones enjoyed riding the carousel as well.

The course was on the trail that winds around the Bass Pro Shops complex and is actually really nice. I had ran this course before and remembered how pretty the creek and little waterfalls were.

There was a contest for fastest runner in cowboy boots.  More power to those who managed to clomp their way through that.  Yikes.  Lots of girls running in cut-off Daisy Dukes, which looked uncomfortable as well.  (Chafing, anyone?)

I didn’t have any IT band issues this race but went out a little too fast.  I forgot that the course had some decent hills and paid for it in the end.  I tried to kick hard in the end but managed to only speed up a smidge – enough to pass some people in the end but not fast enough to feel like I was haulin’ butt!


All their race photos had a sepia filter. More country, I guess?

The kid race was the typical short dashes, kids running by age division.  No winners, and everyone gets a medal.  Maybe someone should have told that to the kid that shoved Bowie down at the starting line.  To his credit, Bowie jumped right up and caught up with the meanies that shoved him down. J

The race activities included a petting zoo, face painting and balloon animals, so Steven took the kids around to see those while I was racing.

Time: 28:11

Pace: 9:03

#15 of 60 Age Division

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