Double Road Race – OPKS

Event: Double Road Race

Location: Overland Park, KS

Date: 06/30/2013


I was very excited when I learned about this event in Runner’s World.  A race with a half-time! First you run a 10K, that a breather, then run a 5K.  They also offered a kid’s one mile race, so I signed Bowie (6) up for that as well.

I came in to the race with mixed feelings. My IT Band has been iffy, and although it had been feeling OK lately, I knew the odds of it holding out the entire run weren’t great.  I put an IT Band strap on each leg and hoped for the best.

The course meandered through Corporate Woods, and office park in Overland Park.  Before the race, they played an audio clip of Billy Mills winning the 1964 Olympic 10K and it was quite chilling.  (Mills was also at the finish line, shaking hands.  He is a real class act!)

The 10K, wasn’t so bad. Toward the end, I could feel my right IT band getting twitchy so I knew I was in trouble for the 5K.  During the “half-time,” I hit a foam roller, got a massage and ate some fruit.


One mile into the 5K, I was in trouble.  My right IT Band was angry and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep running.  I stopped and took a walking break and wasn’t able to start running without pain.  I even took the strap off my left leg and “double-bagged” my right leg.  No dice.  Still couldn’t run.  Once I got to the finish line, I made a half-hearted limping attempt to run across the finish line.  Everyone could see I was in a lot of pain and cheered me on.


After regaining my composure, I got Bowie stretched out and ready for his first mile race.  In Bowie’s practice runs, he was running a 10:00 pace, so I thought he had a good chance of placing in his age group.  The kids started off way too fast (don’t we all), and shot out of sight for quite awhile.  After 4 minutes, we could see the kids running back on the other side of the course, I kept count of the kids and was pleased that Bowie seemed to be the first “little” kid in the line.  Finally, kids started crossing the finish line – but they were all big kids.  After 7 or so “big” kids finished, we spotting Bowie trucking in like he was on wheels.  I was pretty sure Bowie was going to place, I just wasn’t sure how high.  He finished in 9:02!  PR!!!

kids (35)_s_jpg

We had a to wait a LOOOOOONG time for awards. And of course, they did all the adult awards first.  I snapped pictures of Molly Pritz and Tyler McCandless getting their medals.  Then they began announcing the kids.  Sure enough…

Bowie got FIRST PLACE in his division.  J  it was really cool to see Billy Mills place that medal around his neck.


Time: 1:45 Total

10K – 1:03, 5K – 41:43

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