Stars N Stripes 5k

Event: Stars N Stripes 5K

Location: Blue Springs, MO

Date: 07/04/2013


I signed up for this event before I found a Fourth of July run closer to home… oh well… I signed Bowie (6) up for the Kid Run as well.

The course description mentioned a beautiful scenic course, but in actuality, it was just doing laps through a shopping mall parking lot.  Fail.  The volunteers were really friendly and the medals were really nice…. but doing laps around a parking lot didn’t really make my want to push hard.  (Considering I had injured myself doing the Double Road Race just days before).

Bowie was disappointed that the Kid Run was very short – he really likes competing long distance.  Wonder where he gets that from? 😉 But his medal rack is filling up so he doesn’t complain too loudly.

Time: 28:36

Pace: 9:14

#16 of 82 Age Division

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