Rock the Crossroads

Event: Rock the Crossroads 5K

Location: Kansas City, MO

Date: 07/27/2013

1013237_596535240369495_668484821_n (1)

I signed up for Rock the Crossroads the second I saw the medal.  Super cool guitar medal with flames! What could be better?  It was only after I signed up that I realized I had signed up for a 5K the evening of my morning triathlon.  Oops!

The Rock the Crossroads ran through the Crossroads District of downtown KC.  The start and finish was right in front of Grinders restaurant.  The course was actually not as flat as I thought it would be… this made for some slower finish times.  A few of the hills probably felt a little steeper due to my tired legs, but the crowd support was great. Lots of people cheering us on from balconies and patios!

I actually heard a couple runners behind me commenting on my outfit (knee-high compression socks, running skirt and braided pig-tails), so that was kind of cool.  I might stick with that combo!


There was a cover band afterwards, but I never stay for race festivities. I didn’t even remember to grab a snack before I met up with my family and headed to dinner.

Time: 29.11 — not bad for a 5k same day as a triathlon :)

#22 of 94 Age Division

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