I am a Betty


Some exciting news to share…  I recently sent off an application to become a member of Betty Designs’ 2014 team. If selected, I would get some cool race swag… But more importantly, I hope it would give me more of a platform to show other moms out there that it IS possible to make time for yourself, get out there and achieve your goals, and all that other jazz.

I am pretty used to hearing, “You look great for having 5 kids!” Or “You look great for being in your 30s!”  All I really want to hear is, “You look great!”  I work really hard at balancing working full-time, raising 5 boys, managing a home, and finding time to train.  Thankfully, my husband is really supportive and my older kids pitch in to help.


But, this isn’t something that magically happens.  It isn’t easy. There are days that I don’t feel like hitting the gym. There are days that I really just want to veg out, eat pizza and watch a movie.  I’m human and I think any athlete fights those battles. Whenever I hear that little voice telling me that I can skip the gym, I remember back to where I started with this.  I have come  long ways! I started all this a Couch to 5K program and the goal to run the Color Run, and ultimately to finish the Warrior Dash.  Those races have come and gone, and my goals are getting loftier.

I look back at my first races and see how much faster I have gotten.  I look at the pictures and see how much stronger and fit I have gotten.  And I look to my race calendar, imagining what it will be like to achieve those new PRs.  I have goals.  Trust me, a lot of them.  Some I have only dared to dream of and not spoken out loud.  I definitely am on an aggressive training schedule to get me to where I want to go next year.

1077243_600413099981709_1501032066_o (1)

But it all started with a goal of wanting to run a 5K.  If I, a mom of 5 who works full-time, can do this – anyone can do this.  I was never a jock.  I never thought I would be “fast.” Yet, slowly but surely, I look at my times getting quicker and quicker.  I am placing higher and higher. And WOW MY CLOTHES FIT GREAT!

I just really want this opportunity to shine.  For myself.  For my kids.  And I want to show other women – hey, you can shine, too!


I have a flyer posted on Betty Designs Facebook that friends and family are liking and commenting on.  (You are welcome to comment, too!) I also have a tweet that nice folks are retweeting on Twitter.  (Please feel free to send Betty Designs a tweet!)  Seeing all this support from everyone is just amazing.  I never knew how many people I had cheering for me.  Whether I make the team or not, that is pretty cool.  But I am super competitive.  I HAVE to make this team! 😉

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