Pre-race Ritual: Compression Socks

One of my pre-race rituals is laying out all my gear the night before. I like to make sure I am not scrambling around in the morning looking for safety pins or headphones!  Of course, the most important part of this process is deciding what I am going to wear.


My go-to for spring and summer running has become a running skirt, tank top and compression socks.  Of course, the skirt will give way to running tights when the temperatures drop, but for now, I just really like running skirts.  I have been really lucky to find really cute running skirts at TJ Maxx, as I don’t really like to spend a lot on clothes I am just going to get stinky-sweaty.


I was wearing the long, kind of baggy tank tops with my skirts (again, scored from TJ Maxx), but found that the race pictures weren’t that flattering.  It seems like a more fitted tank top works better.  I’m not sure if anyone else has found that to be a problem, but something about the shirt flaring out over my hips isn’t working for me.

1077243_600413099981709_1501032066_o (1)

Over the last year, I have become pretty obsessed with compression socks. Specifically, Pro Compression socks.  I like wearing them them for races, recovery days, etc.  After my long run Sundays, it is pretty commonplace to see me wearing them at work on Mondays.  Everyone always comments on my awesome socks, and I explain that they are compression socks and I am recovering my legs… To which they usually just ask, “Well, why do you run then? The simple solution is to stop running.”  Yeah.  Not really.

Compression socks are not cheap.  Or at least not as cheap as my running clothes from TJ Maxx, so I only really buy them when I can use a discount code.  If you sign up for the email list, you get a heads up on the Sock of the Month as well as a code good for 40% various styles of socks and products.  I have used the discount codes to build a healthy collection of socks.  It seems like the pink argyle make their way into my race outfits the most, but I do really love the neon pink ones and the retro tube socks.


*I am not being compensated by any manufacturer or store.  I just like the products referenced above.

Do you have your own pre-race rituals? 

Have you tried compression socks? If so, what kind? Do you notice a difference with your runs and recovery?


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