Martini Madness 5K

Event: Martini Madness 5K

Location: Olathe, KS

Date: 8/18/2013


Sunday afternoon I ran the Martini Madness 5k.  I came into this race a little leery, and tweeted as much on Twitter.  I put in a decent brick workout on Saturday (1 mile swim, 11 mile bike and 1 mile run) so I wasn’t on fresh legs. My IT Band isn’t ragingly angry, but I can feel that it is tight with every step.  My Garmin died during my Saturday run (hence why I only ran a mile… I am a big baby if I don’t have my pace) and I spent an hour looking for the connector.  When I did finally find the connector, it still wouldn’t charge so I had to do a master reset.  Finally the watch started to charge and I was off to bed.

While it wasn’t super-OMG-I-am-dying hot on Sunday, is was 85 degrees and humid for the run.  They didn’t have packet pick-up the day before, so I got to the race a little early to get my bib and chip.  Pick-up and race activities were held at The Other Place, a bar / restaurant in Olathe, situated by the Indian Creek Trail.  The race was billed as a “trail race” on the site, but trail actually was just the asphalt biking/ walking trail. A few of us were disappointed and I noticed a lot of trail shoes the other runners. The trail wasn’t closed to the public during the race so there were bikes and walkers to navigate during the race. It was a bow-tie course due to some construction.

They gave a brief speech about the woman the race was dedicated to, Olive Drew.  She lived a pretty interesting life, taking up running at age 80 and running until her death at age 93.  Got it – Olive Run, Martini Madness?  Sounded like quite a lady.

Anyways… the race took off and I was near the front of the pack.  I started at 8:00 pace but could tell right away that my legs were tired and it was just too hot.  A little under a mile was the first water station / turnaround point.  I was already started to slow down to 9:00 pace but circled back around to the starting point and grabbed a cup of water at the next checkpoint.  About this time, I got stuck behind a run/walker.  I have nothing against runners who like to do run / walk intervals, but it is kind of frustrating to have to constantly keeping passing someone who randomly stops and then speeds up.  (Especially if you are not expecting them to just abruptly stop in front of you.) I was getting tired and at 2.50 miles or so, seeing this girl getting to take little rest breaks just got to me mentally.  Had I not gotten behind a walker, I don’t think I would have had an issue, but at that moment, I mentally I caved in a let myself walk for 15 or 20 seconds to catch my breath.  Then I was off to the final turn-around to finish up.  I was slowing down a lot at this point and I knew I wasn’t going to PR.  I knew that coming into the race but in the back of your head, you always wonder if you will.  The walking in that last mile brought my pace down to 10:00, so yeah…

I finished in 29:11, which was 5th place for my age division (nice to know the heat made it a tough race for everyone).  I am pretty sure I beat the woman who won the 40-yr old-age division, but my 30-yr-old division always seems super competitive.  I will update with overall, etc when race results are posted, but I know I finished in the top quarter for all runners.

When I got home, I found a nasty mess in my right sock. I had forgotten to tape my 2 toes that always rub and paid for it.  Must remember to always tape those toes! My poor socks…

Anyone else have issues with their toes rubbing together during races?  

No amount of nail trimming ever fixes my problem.  Just something about how the toes on my right foot rub together, they always dig in and cause problems.

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