KC Marathon

Event: Waddell and Reed KC Marathon

Distance: Half Marathon

Location: Kansas City, MO


This is the biggest event I have run in, to date.  12,000 runners signed up for the event.  There were full and half options as well as a 5K. I had signed up for the event in June when they did a half-price for the half marathon promo.  I came into the race not knowing what to expect… I felt like I was a bit under-trained since I hadn’t been getting in my long runs. I had been battling a couple illnesses and my longest long run was 7 miles.  I had, however, been getting in long bike rides, hill work and brick training.  It turns out my fitness level was fine and I didn’t miss the long runs at all… My naggy IT Band was the issue of the day…

The day before the event was cold, rainy and we even got some sleet.  I had been planning to wear short sleeves but decided to pick up a long-sleeved tech shirt for the event.  I am kind of wimpy about cold weather and I would have felt weird throwing an old sweatshirt away. The expo was huge and parking was sort of a cluster… I did score a free Garmin t-shirt, some BBQ sauce from a local place, and some little swag items.

Everyone was pretty pumped at the starting line, right in front of Crown Center.  I was being a little crabby that morning and wasn’t feeling it for some reason. I lined up with the 2:30 pace group and shivered a bit.  It took forever for our group to cross the start line because it was just such a huge event.  We started the course, went by the Sprint Center and through the Power & Light District.  We passed Union Station and headed down the hill to Liberty Memorial.  Here is where I decided I wanted to be here.  I got goosebumps coming down the hill to the memorial.  It really was beautiful.  There was a steep hill up and some rollers on the way to Midtown and Westport.  It flattened out through the Country Club Plaza, but the streets were milled up and tough to run on for maybe a mile.  We headed through Hyde Park to the Paseo…

This is where my trouble started.  I hit 6 miles and my left knee started bothering me.  I had IT band straps on each thigh, and a knee brace on my right knee as I was expecting trouble on that side.  I stopped and switched the knee brace, and tightened the IT Band straps until they were like tourniquets.  My pace group started to slip away a bit at this point but I was really only 10 seconds or so back.

We hit mile 9 and I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I gave up and walked.  I was really miserable because it was so cold out and I was sweaty. Shivering and hobbling along and just miserable when the 2:40 and 2:45 pace groups passed me.  So many people were so kind though. They could see I was in pain and were stopping to see if I was OK and telling me to just keep going.  But really, I just wanted to be done. I was so happy to be back in Crown Center to finish.

I didn’t stay for the events afterward, but there were bands playing all along the course and a concert at the finish.  Chic-Fil-A was handing out sandwiches and there was catered BBQ.

Ashamed to even list my time, but hey… injury sucks, right? 2:52 for the final.  Not happy with that, but I can’t help being injured. I feel like if I would have kept trying to run through all the pain, I would have injured myself even more.  I am wondering if the knee brace is what saved my right knee since it didn’t hurt at all… maybe I should pick up a second one…


Cool thing is my bib and medal matched my Skora running shoes! So yay for fashion!

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