Mustache Dash


Date: October 12, 2013

Event: Mustache Dash 5k

Location: Leawood, KS

I signed up for the Mustache Dash as a last-minute deal just to see how my leg was feeling before my next half marathon.  The course was the same one from my horrible Diva Dash race, so it was nice to at least get to have a better finish on that course! :) It was a chilly morning, so I added some Oiselle arm warmers to my tank and running skirt combo. Probably the last race this year I will get to wear that combo!

As part of your race packet, they give you various fake mustaches to wear for the race.  They also had a mustache contest before the race.  I will say this – I totally don’t get the new trend of girls wearing mustaches, or drawing mustaches on their fingers and taking pictures with them.  Don’t get it at all.  I will put it right up there with “duck facing” in pictures.  But whatevs… to each her own.  I did think the event t-shirt with the mustache on it was cute though.

At any rate I ran a 28:45 — not a PR, but I wasn’t pushing all that hard.  That was good for #11 out of 102 for my AG.

Time: 28:45

#11 / 102 AG


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