The Bison 50 Mile Relay

Date: October 27, 2013

Location: Topeka to Lawrence, KS


I joined the Bison 50 Mile as part of a relay team, organized by my running BFF, LaRisa. It was LaRisa and her husband’s 17th anniversary, so we were Team 17 Down. Also joining the run were Julie, Tesa,  Heidi, and Dana.

Question: who makes these races so stinking early? Really? I am not a morning person. Anyways, I got up super early and I didn’t sleep well at all the night before. We met at a parking garage in Lawrence and loaded up in the SUV to the race start in Topeka. The race was to start at 7:00, but started late because there were no porta-potties and all the runner’s were in line inside Gary Gribbles Running Sports store. Oops!

After our first runners (Brian, Dana and Heidi) ran, we circled back around to the starting point to drop off Heidi who had to get her daughter’s birthday party going. There was a huge fire nearby. We drove by to investigate and learned it was an abandoned church on fire. So sad! Glad no one was hurt and it wasn’t someone’s home.

Tesa and LaRisa ran next. LaRisa reported that she had a very hilly run on gravel. I received the timing chip from LaRisa and saw that I was getting a big hill right away. Maybe the race director didn’t get the memo that I don’t like hills and haven’t run gravel before? Like the big turn-your-ankle gravel.  I went out too fast, not realizing the entire leg would be hilly gravel. I slowed down ALOT after the first half mile. I just kept my eyes on the runner in front of me and kept pace with him. Every now and then, I would look for the runner behind me to make sure he wasn’t going to catch me. I did manage to scare myself a couple times thinking I saw a snake. I also had a local redneck veer his truck at me and spray gravel on me. (Stay classy!) After 3.5 miles, I handed off the timer to Julie. After that was Tesa, LaRisa and Brian again.

We opted to run the last litle bit of Brian’s leg in as a team and got our picture taken.


We each earned a Finisher pint glass. (Apparently the finisher medal was a typo).  We got some pictures snapped of our toast.


The after-party was at Mass St. Pub in Lawrence so we headed there. We were all really looking forward to the Bison Burgers. We were super disappointed to learn that they only had enough burgers for the first 60 runners. Ummm… 275 runner’s registered. So that was definitely a fail.

All in all, I think we enjoyed the race. Aside from the lack of burgers. A couple of the legs were on a narrow highway and had our runners running with traffic and that was sort of scary, but I think it is a definite will-do-again.

Time: 7:57:14

My Leg: 37:23

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