Monster Dash 5K

Date: October 26, 2013

Location: Kansas City, MO


My son, Bowie, was really excited to run this race… anything Halloween-themed is cool with him.  Dane decided to try out the race as well. To be honest, I didn’t put a lot of effort into my costume. I don’t tend to dress up for races. I found a black tutu that lit up. I found a pair of black running tights at TJ Maxx that I drew spider webs on with a white paint pen. I wore that along with a black long-sleeved BCG shirt and the Halloween edition Pro Compression socks.  I put my hair in braids and stuck little orange and black spiders in the braids, and I put on a ton of eyeliner and eyeshadow.

The race was held in the City Market district of Kansas City.  It was a night race with the kids race starting at 6:30. We checked out the kiddie area first and took our picture in the scary maze.  The boys all got candy from giant candy buckets. (I even snagged some crackers).


Bowie ran first in the Lil Monster kid run. (I should note that Bowie had played 3 games in a soccer tournament that morning). Bowie came in second, but if he had a few more feet, he would have reeled the winner in. If Bowie hadn’t played soccer earlier that day, I am sure it wouldn’t have been close at all.  That is Bowie on the right in the picture. Dane ran in the next heat. He ran so fast he lost a shoe! He came in 5th.

And then I was off!  My knee was still a bit sore from the KC Half Marathon last weekend, so I was wearing this super-bionic knee brace I picked up.  The brace did something weird to my gait, like I couldn’t bend my knee maybe? Every time my left foot would hit the ground, it came down with a loud thwapping sound.  My knee didn’t hurt but my shin started to hurt… which I ignored and kept going.  I started the race a little too quickly and slowed down mid-way thru.  It was a nice course and it was fun crossing the bridge at night.


After I got my medal (super cute medal, btw!), the boys chowed down slices of pizza. I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything greasy after running, so I just ate a little bag of trail mix.

Not a PR for me but I was happy to run without being in serious pain. Also, note to self: running in tutu isn’t for me. The tutu kept hiking up high and I spent too much time pulling it down.


#9 in Age Group

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