Commitment Day 5K

Date: January 1, 2014

Event: Commitment Day Run

Location: Overland Park, KS

Epic race pic

I thought I would start off the new year with a new PR… At least that was the plan. Somewhere after mile 2, my body decided that would not be the case. Little did I know when I started off that morning that I would contract whatever nasty contagion my children have unleashed upon our household (and has been reeking havoc ever since!)

One of my husband’s college friends was in KC for the holidays and wanted to run a 5K while in the area. I agreed to sign-up since it is always nice to at least know one person at the starting line. I recruited two local running friends to sign up as well, because… well.. running with friends is more fun! Vicki graciously offered to drive Shari and I to the race in Overland Park. Only race-day packet pick-up was offered so we got there extra early. The event was hosted by Lifetime Fitness – and it was a really swanky gym. We checked out the locker rooms to kill time after we got our bibs. It was fairly cold that day so it was sort of a bummer to go back outside to race in the cold.

I started off running with Shari, telling her I wanted to try to stay sub-9:00 pace… and like always, started off too fast. Shari and I did a lot of weaving until we were finally able to settle into  good pace… I am afraid the damage was already done.  (I read some interesting factoid about every minute you start out too fast impacts your later pace by X amount… but I can’t remember the details now. I just tend to agree that yes, I burn myself out too soon and always end up with crummy splits).  Anyway…. we were chugging right along and right before 2 miles in, I just felt really awful.  I took it as an opportunity to stop and tie my shoelaces, and just feel sorry for myself.  I stood their, contemplating dashing for the nearest restroom, when Vicki came chugging along. Her big smile and wave gave me a boost to keep going. We ran together for a few minutes until I felt a bit of a second wind and sped up.

After finishing the race, I sat on the curb… again contemplating either passing out or dashing to the restroom.  As soon as Vicki finished, we headed back to the gym.  There were some really yummy post-race snacks. Also, See KC Run was on hand to snap pictures. He convinced us to do a Charlie’s Angels pose and do a big cheerleader jump. (Check out our Spirit Fingers!)

So… Shari had a PR and placed 4th in her age group. Yay!!! That is the second person I have helped push to a PR.  So I think I get partial credit? Vicki was happy to finish injury free, because she, like me, is rehabbing. I was happy to finish without crapping my pants or throwing up on someone. (Sincere apology to the ladies who were in the restroom with me after the race). Kerrie finished with a new PR.

30:13 – 9:43 pace.  11th in my Age group. Not stellar folks…. Here’s hoping to a speedier 2014?


I wore a skirt over my tights for the first time… It was a race skirt with built-in snappies for my bib. Mid-way thru the race the skirt had spun around and my bib wadded up on my back. Not sure if it was due to the jacket I was wearing? But super annoying. I will give the skirt another try before I review…

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