Nuun Ambassador Badge

You may notice there are some changes to the blog! First, I have been including posts on running and triathlons.  These are marked by the category “run + bike + swim,” so if you are not into ready those, you can easily pass those over.

Home posts are still go! I am working on a update to the Boys’ bathroom – and it…. Is…. AWESOME! So please stay tuned for that.

I am struggling with finding a way to feature both kinds of posts, and am hoping that b categorizing them differently, readers are able to sift through and find what they would like to read. I thought about creating a separate blog, but I just don’t have the time / energy / resources for that! So bear with me…

Another change you might notice are some Ambassador badges on the sidebar.  I mentioned that I made “Team Betty” for Betty Designs earlier…. But I haven’t talked about Nuun and Skora Running yet. Let’s save Skora for next time and talk about Nuun now…

I am totally not selling anything and clicking the Nuun link only takes you to their website.  (There are no cookies or tracking or commission or anything).  Just trying to share the love.  Nuun Hydration are little electrolyte drinks tablets you pop into water. I became a big fan of them and like that I can just toss one in my water bottle and not have to rely on sugary sports drinks at aid stations.  (I also like to sip on them at work instead of soda).  So far my favorites are strawberry lemonade and lemonade… but I just scored a box of watermelon and really like those, too!

So again… not trying to sell you anything at all.  I promise!

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