2014 Sweetheart 5K

Event: Sweetheart Run 5K

Date: 02.16.2014

Location: Overland Park, KS

The first time I ran this event was last year in Lawrence, KS… but they moved the race to Overland Park, KS this year. The course was a big square, which was actually kind of nice when it came it pacing distances and not having to fight through crowded corners as much. The event was hosted by the Ritz-Carlton Overland Park, so the restrooms were quite nice and packet pick-up seemed easy. Due to a recent car accident, I knew I needed to take it very slow. I signed up my 6 year old Bowie as an insurance policy… pacing Bowie would force me to keep it to a jog. Bowie had ran 5K on a treadmill once before, but we hadn’t been doing any training lately, due to said car accident, but I was confident that if we took it slow, Bowie would be just fine. It was a little cold out, and some icy patches were still around, but I assured Bowie that we would warm up once we started to run.


The race photographer snapped this photo of us at the starting line.  I soon learned that a long tutu wads up between your legs when you run. Bowie mentioned after the race that he couldn’t run beside me because the tutu kept getting stuck on the velcro of his glove.  Sorry, kiddo! But note my super cute Pro Compression heart socks and new Skora Running black/pink shoes The race started on time and we were off! I didn’t bother to wear my Garmin so that I wouldn’t be tempted to speed up. We ran totally by feel, and that was nice to not feel stress from staring at my wrist! I had no idea how fast we were going, but we started nice and slow the first mile and I slowly sped him up a bit through-out the race. There were a couple hills, so I encouraged Bowie to pump his arms to pull himself up the hill. Bowie did a great job of chugging along even when I could tell he was getting tired. When we rounded the last corner and we saw the finish line, I yelled at Bowie to floor it! He started passing people like they were standing still.  I was his own private cheering section in that last sprint but I couldn’t help being so proud of my little rockstar runner!


I was certain that not many little boys were before us so I thought Bowie had a good chance of placing.  We hit the results line and found our time was 33:08 (10:41 pace) and that Bowie placed 3rd. Later, when I looked up the results we found Bowie (6) was the youngest male runner, so all the other boys in 0-10 were older than him. The two boys finishing before him were 9 and 8. We headed inside to get his medal and he was so proud of himself. This is his second timed event and he is 2-for-2, having finished first in AG for Double Road Race’s Kids Cup Mile.


I asked Bowie how it felt to be passing all those grown-ups and he just shrugged and said, “I never looked back, Mommy. I just wanted to focus on my own race.” He’s a good little egg.

Time: 33:08

My Place: Don’t even ask! I was there to pace for Bowie :)

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