Organizing race bibs

As a runner, I seem to have accumulated a variety of bibs, medals… and… well… a big enough safety pin stash to last 5 lifetimes.  Of course, the bibs and medals mean a bit more to me than the tangled mess of safety pins in an old jelly jar.

After I have collected 5 race bibs or so, I wanted to organize them in a way that would preserve the bib itself, but also the memories from the race.  After checking out some options online, I decided to just DIY a bib binder.  I found my pretty blue binder at Staples (part of the Martha Stewart collection) but any binder will do.  Mine measures 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 – which seems like a good size for storing the bibs. A few I have had to fold down just a smidge to fit in the sheet protectors.


I also bought plastic dividers to separate my bibs into years.  I prefer a chronological order, but you could choose to group yours by distance or some other manner.  For me, I really like to flip through the pages and see my improvement in times and distance… and sometimes unfortunately remember an injury! I have decorated my dividers with washi tape and stickers, but your book is your book – do what YOU like.  (Note to Oiselle – gonna need more stickers in other colors… I have too many of the pink ones!)


Here you can see how nicely the bibs fit in the sheet protectors.  A few I have had to fold down slightly to fit.  The ones with the magnetic strip on the back are a bit more of a pain.


I like to write down the important details about the race on the back of the bib.  I just write the details on a label that I stick to the back of the bib. But a bib + a Sharpie would work great too!.  My labels have gotten less fancy over time… But I always note the name of the race across the top, the date in the lower right and my time in the lower left. I also note items such as a good AG placement, an injury or weather anomaly.  This race was -7 windchill that day. Brrr!!


So that’s it.  A cheap, simple solution for organizing race bibs.  Be sure to put yours someplace handy so you can flip through it and stay motivated.  I keep mine on my nightstand. :)

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