The Great Sports Bra Review: Part One

Earlier in the week, I mentioned on Twitter that it is hard to find really great sports bras for running… probably even more difficult for women in a C+ situation. I asked for suggestions on sports bras, and sometime during this conversation decided that it might be helpful to share my opinions on the collection I have going on in the bottom drawer. (I keep all my sports bras and compression socks in the bottom drawer. No idea why. Where do you keep yours?)

Anyway… I started culling through my collection and chose 15 bras to review for you. I will add on more as I pick them up, here and there. I will do 5 per post, at least for now. I am reviewing bras based on appearance, ease to put on, and functionality… meaning, how good a job of holding everything in its place. I enlisted the help of my husband. He snapped pictures with my iPhone and then watched me run to rate how much bounce there was. We are using a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best (no jiggle at all) to 1 being worst (OMG I am going to give myself a black eye). I am also including the size information to show just how different sizing betweens brands runs… Some they indicate I am a medium, some a large. So. let’s get started… For a baseline, my normal bra size is a 34D. (And can I ponder just fora moment why my rib cage looks so weird? For real. Every picture… anyway)…

Champion Show-Off

Champion  First up is the Champion Show-Off. Pictured is a size large. This one is a bit challenging to get on since it has a racer back with hook and eye… So you have to get a helper or contort your arms into strange positions to clasp it once it is on. I bought it because I thought it was a really pretty looking bra and I liked the contrasting mesh.  It has molded cups, which I like for colder days. Functionality-wise? Notsomuch. I was bouncing a bit. This would be a better bra for a cardio class where there isn’t so much impact. Bounce Rating: 3 Moving Comfort Vixen Pictures is a size medium. Very pretty bra, color-wise. I find it a bit of a pain to put on. It’s a standard pull-over kind of bra… which would be OK if it wasn’t so tight to pull over my chest. I have to pull it about half-way down, which makes a weird boob-smashing double-boob thing, and then pull it the rest of the way down. It is lined as well. Once it is on, it fits very well. It also performs very well as there wasn’t any bounce at all. Bounce Rating: 5Vixen  New Balance Pictured is a size medium. I am not sure of the model number of this one… it is your standard pull-over kind of sports bra. I bought this one because it was cute and had matching shorts. I thought it would be great for super hot days when even wearing a tank top feels too much as it is unlined. I quickly found that running is not an option in this one. It is probably OK for a spin class that requires no impact. Bounce rating: 2  new balance  Marika Keyhole Pictured is a size medium. I thought this one was cute with the contrasting stitching and it had molded cups. (I don’t care for inserts as they fold and get wadded up in the bra). It is a bit of a pain to put on as it is a pull-over. It has a keyhole back which I think it cute under tanks. It does pretty well while running. A little bit of jiggle but definitely not a bounce. Bounce Rating: 4marika  Victoria’s Secret SVX Pictured size 34D. Only a select few Victoria’s Secret stores carry full-on sportswear. Most only carry padded camis and yoga pants, I have found. So when I was on a business trip in Sacramento and found these, I snatched up a few different colors. Very easy to get on as it is a standard hook & eye like a regular bra. It has a mesh outer layer and a slick Lycra inner layer.  The bra itself has held up well, but the hooks have started bending back so I can only fasten 1 or 2 of the 3. And unfortunately, if I tried bending them back, they metal would probably snap and leave sharp edges to poke me. Running-wise, I like it. There is a slight bounce, probably because it is a little lower cute, but not enough to bother me. The bra is fairly thin, so beware on cold days. Bounce rating: 4VS I will create a summary post to compile the bras and bounce ratings now… and will continue to add to the summary as I add on new reviews. Stay tuned for more bras throughout the week!

Again, these are my own bras from my ridiculous running gear collection. Opinions are my own.


Are there any sports bras that are your favorites you’d like to recommend for a review?

How many sports bras do you own?

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