2014 Shamrock Shuffle 5k

Event: Shamrock Shuffle 5K

Date: March 8, 2014

Location: Lawrence, KS

Another cold run for Bowie and I. Kansas weather was beautiful Friday and Sunday, cold Saturday. It was also quite windy on the out portion of the out and back course. This race was held on the levee behind Johnny’s Tavern – the same course as 2013’s Sweetheart 5K – thankfully no snow / ice this time. Bowie and I donned our green… Bowie even had a blinking shamrock button. I carpooled out with my friend Vicki, who ended up pacing along with me.

shamrock shuffle

My goal for Bowie was to PR… I wasn’t sure how quickly to start him out so I put him on the treadmill for 20 minutes a couple nights before to try to gauge what pace he should be at. We started the race at 11:00 for a couple minutes and I asked Bowie if he was ready to speed up. We bumped it up to 10:30, sometimes a little faster… I just let Bowie dictate what he wanted to do as we weaved around runners. Bowie announced he didn’t like the wind, which brought chuckles and agreement from other runners. When we reached the turnaround, Bowie wanted a drink of water so we walked for about 10 or 15 seconds while he drank. (Next time we will bring his hand-held water bottle).  I always find it hard to get going again after a stop, so we worked a couple minutes to get back up to speed.  At least we had the wind at our backs! I think we were all happy to see the finish line but Bowie was pretty tired and didn’t have any kick left. I was so excited to see that Bowie was going to have a huge PR.

Bowie finished in 30:06 (9:41 pace)… that is a 3 minute PR in just a month after his first 5K. Pretty awesome! Bowie got his finisher medal (medals for kids only at this race) and we went inside for a complimentary breakfast. Bowie says the pancakes and fruit were really good, but passed on the sausage, eggs and corned beef hash.

bowie shamrock medals

Bowie ended up with 3rd for his age group, again nipping at the heels of older kids. They had a nice awards ceremony so Bowie was excited when his name was called. (Even if they did mispronounce it.)

You can read Bowie’s thoughts on the race at his blog.

Time: 30:06

Pace: 9:41

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