Gear Review: Skora Running FIT

I received a pair of Skora’s FIT shoes a few weeks ago. You can read all about the Skora FIT on their site, but my CliffsNotes version is that it’s an all-purpose shoe for both running and training, and has a bit more cushion than their other models.  Rather than repeat everything from their website, I decided to give you my very own layman’s review of the shoe. Since the FIT is billed as an “all-purpose” training shoe, I decided to put the shoe through the paces of my normal training week. I’m happy to report that the FIT kept up with my training.  Running, trails, races, spin, cardio classes, and the highlight of my training week, a running form analysis where the shoe got some nice props. (Video of said analysis at end of this post! Cool!)


Riding in the FIT


Normally I wear my Skora Bases for spin class. They say to train how you race, and I like the Velcro for quick transitions in triathlons… but this is review week, so my FITs came to Just Ryde class at Ryde Barre. Right off the bat, I got questions and compliments from the instructor and other riders. (They are a very snazzy shoe!)

My initial concern would be if the laces would irritate the top of my foot. The class uses pedal cages and the FITs are thin with asymmetrical laces. Thankfully, my feet were just fine after an hour of intense pedaling. I think that the seamless construction of the shoe also helped – no rubbing at all. Normally you’d have seams rubbing right under the pedal cages… but the FITs have no seams. They are practically like wearing comfy house slippers to train… only without the fluff and bunny ears.

Kicking it in the FIT

The FITs rocked my various cardio workouts, through squats, lunges, kicks, planks, you name it. The soles had great traction with the hardwood floors and I felt very strong in my planted leg. No sliding at all. I also think the same qualities that make it a great running shoe make it great for classes requiring balance. I felt very strong in stretching poses and didn’t bobble at all while balancing on one foot. I plan on taking some Crossfit classes at my local gym, and I think these will work well for those, too! (I will report back!)

Running in the FIT


It’s a running shoe, right?  Finally… Let’s talk running. I took my sunshine yellow shoes out on the road and trail, for both training and races. I liked the extra bit of cushion on the trails so that I wasn’t feeling every rock and tree root through the shoe.  I found the shoes had just enough cushion on the road to give my poor knees a break. My poor knees! I have been talking for a year now about my IT band issues. I knew that part of my issue was from bad mechanics / form. The biggest part is my weak glutes. With a busy spring racing season, I decided to really hit it hard and see if I could “fix” my issues once and for all… I made an appointment for a running form analysis so that I could really understand what I’m up against. (I will do a thorough review of my visit later. For now, let’s focus on the shoes!)


First off… I know my form used to be bad. I looked like Elmer Fudd in my race pictures. I was heel-striking like I was trying to bring it back in style. The ability to feel where my foot was hitting the ground is what drew me to Skora in the first place.  I was pretty sure that I had figured out the mid-foot business. I was positively beaming as I watched the video of me running. Mid-foot landing? Check! Landing under my body? Check! Yay! At least I have that part down right.

Video Player


While watching the video, the physical therapist commented that it would be impossible for me not to run mid-foot in my shoes. High praise for the FITs! I do credit Skora with getting me off my heels and running with better form. It was nice to get that validation. :)

So, there you have it… You still with me?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the FIT, or any other Skora Running shoe (as I own them all).  Comment or tweet me!

Disclosure: Skora Running provided me an advance pair of FIT. I made sure I wore these shoes for at least two weeks in a variety of activities in order to give you an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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