Ultra training update


Sometime back, I got the crazy idea to run a marathon. Knowing my injury issues of the past, I decided a trail marathon would be easiest on my IT band and knees… Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding any local marathons in the exact timeframe I wanted. I researched and poked around a bit until I found a trail race in a small town right by my small town… The catch was that is was an ultra series. I was dumb crazy enough to think it was a good idea. Because, hey, it was only 50K right? Not too much longer than a marathon! Yay! Let’s do it!

I worked out a spreadsheet that allowed me to cautiously up my long run mileage each week. Easy peasy! I can do this!

Then reality started creeping in. Extremely hot and humid weather. My sister’s wedding. More hot weather. My children’s soccer and football.

I am lucky in that I have a few options open to me for training. In Lawrence, I have the Kansas River Trail, the levee, Clinton Lake trails. In my town, if I want to avoid brick streets, I can run the pavement out to the lakes and hit some dirt roads. In Ottawa, there are the Prairie Spirit and Flint trails.

Lawrence Kansas river trail

I was having a very hard time getting that single long run in. I decided that breaking the run up into segments over a day or two was better than no run at all. I managed to peak at 23 miles in a weekend. Yet somewhere in there, my knee decided to become pesky again. After an hour of running, I would feel tugging in my right knee. Not an injury, per say, but definitely not right. Not painful enough to make me stop, but enough to let me know that all was not cool.

Prairie Spirit trail

Over the last week, I have resumed my glute / hip exercises and have laid off the long runs by subbing in biking. I am not at all happy about this, mind you. But the alternative is re-injuring myself and spending a year in an injury-cycle.

Levee trail

I scratched running a couple half marathons and am hoping I can get it together in time to pull this out in a couple weeks. I am hopeful. I will be Epsom salting, foam rolling, clamshelling and spinning my way there. I am not afraid of the distance since I plan to use run / walk to get me through. I just don’t want to have to walk half of it in extreme pain if my knee decides it has had enough. I did try wearing a knee brace on my last long run, and it just was not enough. I didn’t want to risk it so I stopped at 8 miles.

trail running

I will let you know how I am doing soon… Yikes!

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