A trainer for my bike, a trainer for me

So this weekend was rather uneventful… I had a free race entry for the Mustache Dash 5K, which  ran last year for Saturday.  Unfortunately for me, I found a lot of excuses when my alarm went off that morning. I had stayed up late to watch the Royals, who seem to be bent on always going into extra innings. I slept poorly. I woke up not feeling great. And in the back of my mind, I was worried about re-injuring my knee. I hit the alarm and went back to sleep.

track workout

I did manage to get dressed and tie my shoes later that day. Bowie and I hit the track at the high school for a short work-out. We ran a mile to warm-up. I then ran an 800 (I was shooting for a mile, but I really started feeling BAD). After that, we ran another 800 to cool down.

Normally when my lungs start burning and it gets tough, I feel like stopping. That is pretty typical for me. I thought I would push thru it and do the whole mile that morning, and then do a couple miles easy pace, but I felt super bad. I am pretty certain it is just my allergies flaring up. I am really considering seeing an allergist. Has anyone ever done that? Feedback?

image (11)

Sunday, I ran errands in Lawrence and had a chance to swing by Sunflower bike shop. I took everyone’s advice and had them mount a trainer tire on my tri-bike for me. Hopefully no more tire burn-out smell in the room now!

Sunday night, I was the Rock Chalk trails with my friends LaRisa and Angie. The Rock Chalk trails are part of the Rock Chalk Sports Pavilion, just on the outskirts of Lawrence… sort of a joint endeavor by the city and KU, I guess. I have not been to the fitness facility but I hear it is really nice. (Would love to hear reviews from the locals!) We did 4.25 miles and my knee felt great. Probably because we were gabbing the entire time and I didn’t think about it! We earned some soup and sandwiches at a local place called Quinton’s.

image (10)

In other exciting news (what could be more exciting than my sandwich, you ask?)… I have begun working with an endurance coach. I want to focus on my running, while improving my sprint tri times a bit. I am hoping the structure of the plan will help me stick to it. (And believe more in my capabilities as an athlete).

How was your weekend?

Have you ever worked with a coach?

Have you ever seen a specialist for allergies?

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