runLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K

Event: runLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K

Date: 11.28.2013

Location: Lawrence, KS


This was my first “Turkey Trot!”  Many of my new running friends were signed up for this race. I really have been meeting some awesome ladies from running – I might actually develop a social life! I carpooled to the race with two local friends, Rebecca and Vicki.  I ended up running most of the race with Rebecca, while Vicki ran with Shari, who we met up with at the start.

I stayed with Rebecca until mile 2, and was on track for a PR…  but then it hit me… that feeling I get… It starts getting hard… I am tired… I’m breathing hard… The little voice starts telling me it is too difficult and I should just walk.  And I did what I hate admitting to doing… I walked for a moment.  Angry at myself, I started running again and kept checking my watch to see my PR dreams fade away.

I mean… everyone is working hard at 2 miles in, right? Rebecca said later she felt like she was going to puke. Maybe if I would have asked her, hey, if this hard for you, too – she would have said yeah. And I could have gutted it out.  I know looking back on it that I could have gutted it out.


Somehow I have to work past that.  I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions for pushing through that last mile.  I am thinking maybe next time bringing my headphones and putting on a song to help me through the last stretch.  If Daft Punk’s Get Lucky can’t get me through, maybe nothing can?

Time: 29:05

Pace: 9:22

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