Monster Dash

Event: Monster Dash 5k

Location: City Market, KCMO

Bat-Tatum wished me lots of luck before my race

Bat-Tatum wished me lots of luck before my race

I ran the Monster Dash a few years ago and loved it! I love running at night. I loved running the City Market area! I love seeing the costumes. I decided the day before the race to run, so I dug around and found my costume from the last time I ran it. (I had to pull a Winnie the Pooh and think thin to get my pants on. Yikes! Being sick and gaining weight isn’t good for my ego.)

This race winds through the City Market, which is basically to the side of downtown KC, near the River Market district. The City Market has some really cool restaurants and shops which I really mean to check out sometime. The course sends you along the Heart of America bridge and back. The race starts with a nice downhill, which become a crappy uphill when you finish. (Funny how that works).

Since I decided to run at the last minute, I signed up at packet pick-up. The line was ridiculously long, and moving really slow. I was in line for 30 minutes and they delayed the race for many of us. (There were still people in line when they started, I believe). This is really strange for a KC Running Company event as they are always so well run, so I don’t know why the wait to so long. Maybe more runners than they planned?

While I was in line, the boys checked out the Halloween activities. They had face painting and a kids maze. Tatum enjoyed getting some candy – because, candy.

I was running for fun – since I am no where near PR shape. I was watching my pace and kept it at a good clip. Not fast enough to suck wind, but enough to keep it fun and get my legs moving. It felt nice to work my legs and lungs a bit.

I stopped for a short walk break when I felt like maybe I was over-doing it. It isn’t worth setting my recovery back at a fun run that I won’t PR at. There were a lot of cute costumes. My favorites were a Walking Dead Michonne (with a sword!) and Reno 911 Lt Jim Dangle. (Lt Dangle actually won the overall. Capt America was 2nd).

I was so happy to see my boys cheering at the finish line. I kicked a little when I saw them. The race had a super cute medal waiting for me at the end.

For dinner, we took the boys to Lulu’s Noodle Shop. It was a nice treat and I am always so excited when a restaurant has a nice gluten-free menu. My favorite is the pineapple fried rice — so good!! I get mine mild and add spices since the medium is pretty hot. (I like spicy foods – but I also don’t like my lips to burn after I eat!)

Result – 12th out of 62. Not bad for a sick puppy.

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