Dog selfies and snowflakes

Atlas hasn't mastered the shoe selfie. And he also refuses to wear shoes. Weird barefoot runners!

Atlas hasn’t mastered the shoe selfie. And he also refuses to wear shoes. Weird barefoot runners!

I was scooper-dooper tired but decided to get in an easy run anyway. Atlas the Wonder Mutt is always excited to run with me. We set out for a loop around the brick streets of Baldwin. As we left the house, it was starting to mist.

This run was a 3-pooper for Atlas. (TMI!) which makes me wonder how I will ever take him to a race since he always needs to go potty along the way. (I haven’t gotten him porta-potty trained!)

While running along a side road, toward traffic as we should, we met some traffic. Atlas was running in the grassy ditch and I was hugging the white line with no where else to go. We eventually met a truck that was coming straight at us. I don’t know if they didn’t see us, or were just refusing to budge. I stopped and was prepared to dive into the ditch if necessary but they swerved at the last minute. So rude!

This is my public service announcement to ask drivers to give runners and bikers a little space. You may not appreciate having to share the road with us. I get that. I know my bike probably annoys you. But, please… be a good citizen and share the road with me. My doggy and I appreciate having a little room and not having to worry about being clipped by your mirror.

I should also note that at the end of my run, the rain turned to sleet and I spotted a few snowflakes. So it won’t be long before my crazy friend Mary Ann will be frolicking in the snow. And I will be grumbling about having to wear 85 layers of clothes to run.

Atty and I got in 3 easy miles around town. I need to hit the trails. The brick streets tear up my legs.

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