Reunited and it feels so good!

Trudi on the left, Diane on the right. Photo by Nicole Green via Instagram.

Trudi on the left, Diane on the right. Photo by Nicole Green via Instagram.

I have been missing my Thursday night Gal Gallop at the river trails. My Lawrence Trail Hawk girls are the best. I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up, and most nights, I feel like I can’t even get out of bed. I told myself, a run with the girls would boost my spirits.

Since Halloween is MY HOLIDAY, I decided to make it fun. I wore orange and black, and grabbed my light-up tutu since it would be dark on the trail.

Nicole, Trudi and Diane were there to run. It was a smaller crowd, but some runners were recovering from a 50K that they did in Omaha. (I will be checking out a GOATZ run soon!) We set off at an easy pace (good for me that the girls were tired!) and chatted away. I brought them up to speed on my latest medical news. They told me about the run – which for sure I will check out next year. Sounded like a really well-run event in Omaha, that unfortunately wasn’t all trail.

I didn’t fall down and it was great to be back on the trail after a couple months away. It really looks different. It is funny how the trees losing their leaves just completely changes the way a trail looks…. but soon, it will be spring again and it will be green and beautiful. (And smelling of amazing honeysuckle vines).

I won a free race entry to the Kansas Half Marathon from Ad Astra Running, Lawrence’s new locally owned running shop, but plan to move down to the 5K. That will be Sunday, running around the fantastic LFK.

Note: I didn’t race as I was exhausted from Halloween!

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