First dark run of the fall

Skora Tempos and Pro Compression socks

Skora Tempos and Pro Compression socks – please excuse the dog hair on my floor!

Thanks to daylight savings time, we are now back to pitch-black night runs. I don’t usually join the Monday night Lawrence Trail Hawk group run, but I felt like I needed some group encouragement to run. I don’t do well with situations where I don’t know people, but I was brave, strapped on my headlamp and hit the river trail. I ran with some people I know from the Trail Hawks Facebook group, but hadn’t met in person before.

We ran the usual 4.75 loop and I managed to keep up until the last mile. I needed to take a walk break for a minute, so I ended up finishing just behind them.  Michael joked that he could see me coming because my jacket, headlamp and socks were really bright. (Good to know if I am running on the road!)

We chatted about headlamps while running. I use a Petzl Rikka R+, which is infinitely better than the P-Tec I started with. I also have a set of Knucklelights, but I don’t like having my hands full in case I trip!

My friend, Coleen, later said she likes Black Diamond better than Petzl.

I can say that my Petzl is bright enough for me. When I had my crew meeting me at the mileposts on my evening long runs in the winter, they were able to see me a mile away. I could see well and I liked the adjustable lighting levels and angle on the light.

Downside, I feel like I charge it a long time to get charged up. That is a bummer if I forget to charge it overnight.

When running road, I have a New Balance reflective vest I picked up on clearance at TJ Maxx.  (I am a TJ Maxx discount shopper.) I like the added safety. I feel like coat and shoes are pretty reflective, but it is nice to have a bit extra. I also clip a little flashing light on to my dog’s collar since he is black and is hard to see.

I am interested in hearing what you like to use for night runs!

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