spider free… but still creepy

Some nights it is harder to get out the front door. Last night was one of them. After dinner, I really wanted to just curl up and watch a movie, but I knew I needed to get my ride in. I bundled up a bit and rounded up all my lights.

Fuzzy Chair >  Cold Bike

Fuzzy Chair > Cold Bike

I have been getting a lot of use out of my headlamps and bike lights. For running, I use a Petzl Tikka R+ and I like it. It is pretty bright, has adjustable levels and charges fairly quickly. It is a vast improvement over the previous battery-powered cheap P-Tec I had before. I also have a pair of Knucklelights but I really would rather have my hands free. (In case I fall on the trail!)

For my bike, I have a basic front handlebar-mount light and Nathan rear light. The front light is bright, so that is good. It just seems to take FOREVER to charge it. An hour or two into the ride and it starts blinking to tell me it is dying down. Not cool. I have been wearing my Petzl on my helmet as well, because the thought of riding the trails in the dark is rather terrifying. The rear light has options for solid and blinking patterns, but I leave it on steady lighting.

I decided to do something easy but scenic, so we hit Prairie Spirit trail. We did Ottawa to Princeton and back, which is 13 miles. It was pitch-black out, so I was happy to have extra light. The absence of spider webs all over the trail is a definite upside to the cooler weather. I have to say that the most scared I have ever been was a couple months ago when we were out riding late on this trail. Spiders and spider webs everywhere. So, I would get the terror of seeing the spiders getting closer and closer, and then the horror of having webs and spiders all over me and my bike after I rode thru them. Not cool at all.

Potential horror movie scene?

Potential horror movie scene?

I really do need to solve my overreach problem on my cyclocross bike. My elbows start to hurt after half an hour. That will be added to my infinite To Do list. For real. Bike Fit + Short Reach Handlebars. Noted. Logged. Hafta do.

But I digress… Spiders all over are not cool. Again, very glad there are no webs. At night, their eyes light up bright green when my headlights shine on them. It looks cool, until you remember they are SPIDERS. Then I pedal or run away a little faster. Yikes. Not a fan. I also am pleased to have not seen any snakes the last couple weeks!

Is there anything that scares you on the trail? Spiders? Snakes? Scary clowns hiding in the ditch?

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