Honey Stinger prize pack giveaway!

I have made some improvements with my nutrition. I have learned through trial and error what works for me, for the most part anyway.

For example, I do know that if I am racing a half marathon, I like to take in fuel at mile 9.  If it is a training run, I might nibble and snack after 6 miles.

I don’t do well with energy gels. They are sticky and make me gag…. and make me really thirsty! Many of my trail events have really great aid station food, but the road events seem to just hand out GU. The lesson I have learned is to bring my own fuel.

I don’t always make smart decisions. At Flint Hills Trail Marathon, I ate a GU at mile 6, and I had such a hard time with it that I ate nothing the rest of the race. Finally, at the 16 mile aid station, they offered me a slice of watermelon and it was the most glorious thing ever. But seriously… not enough calories. I cannot believe I didn’t bonk. (I did inhale a post-race lunch though).

I have a few requirements for my nutrition… It has to taste good, be easy to throw in my pocket or pack, not be messy to eat, and be easy on my tummy. I also need my fuel to be gluten-free due to my thyroid condition.



My very favorite fuel are Honey Stinger waffles and energy chews. (Note: the waffles are not gluten free so I only feed them to my husband and kids. I can’t eat them anymore but miss them dearly!)

more nomnomnom

more nomnomnom

I really like the pink lemonade and cherry blossom energy chews. My kids like the limeaid as well. My husband inherited my stockpile of chocolate, vanilla and caramel waffles. Lucky man.

Caramel makes everything better.

Caramel makes everything better.

I would love for you to try Honey Stinger, too!

Honey Stinger has provided 6 caramel waffles, 6 gingersnap waffles, 5 bags of pink lemonade energy chews and 5 bags of cherry blossom chews.

To enter the giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

7 thoughts on “Honey Stinger prize pack giveaway!

  1. Jen says:

    I’m loving all the savory food choices out now, so I would do a combination sweet/savory. Maybe like a Thai curry one with a spicy waffle and a coconut filling? Or falafel with a peanut butter or tahini filling? Wow! Now im hungry!


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