I can feel it coming on…

Thursday night I hit my favorite group run, Lawrence Trail Hawks ladies night. I was not sure how I would do, but I knew I wanted to get out of the house.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was just feeling tired, and generally run down. I skipped my workout on Tuesday, and Wednesday was a planned off day. By Thursday morning, I woke up feeling terrible. My throat was sore and my sinuses felt sore. I stayed in bed all day and took a Sudafed.

I think the Sudafed helped a little as I was able to swallow and felt a little better. I got changed and waited for Steven to come home from work to give me a ride to the trail. (He is still acting as my chauffeur since I am still not feeling 100%). It is the awkward time of year when I never know what to wear, so I tend to be under or over-dressed. I put on a long-sleeved shirt and some running tights, and threw a light windbreaker over that.   Since we didn’t have time to grab dinner on the way, I ate a Lara bar and a banana.

Nicole, Trudi, Cara and Megan were up for braving the trail. Someone had posted earlier that the high winds yesterday had made a mess of the trail. We expected debris but were thankful that the winds had died down.


Cara weaving through trees like a ninja.

There were a lot of smaller limbs that we were able to run around or over on the trail. The large trees and limbs, however, blocked the trail. A few times, if we had been feeling more limber, we might have been able to limbo under them. But for the most part, we had to carefully crawl over. None of us were up for hurdling them. And probably wise, too, since instead of looking cool and parkour, we probably just would have twisted an ankle.

Trudi mentioned she would be running the last race of the Harvest Half Series this weekend. (Go Trudi!) The majority of the group were signed up to run the Saunders Saunter 10k or 25k next weekend. Since I am not up for early mornings yet, I have volunteered to sweep the course after. I will be collecting the course flags, and shooing along straggler runners.

This weekend, I am signed up for the Longview Half Marathon. I signed up for the event at a summer expo, long before I was knocked out of distance running.  I ran the inaugural event last year, and had a good time and a PR despite the wind and snowflakes. I will go pick up my packet, hoping for the best but willing to hit snooze on my alarm if I am not feeling well.


What are you wearing for outdoor workouts? Fall is challenging – always over or under-dressed for me! 

2 thoughts on “I can feel it coming on…

  1. customgrind says:

    Two years in a row of wind! It really hits you when you go over the bridges since there is no tree cover. But I am happy you had a great race! I am super sad I missed it… If only races were a little later in the day. Mornings are really rough for me right now.


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