One sick puppy

What I have learned this week about getting sick when you have an auto immune disease.

Whenever anyone is sick within your vicinity, you will get sick. From the sniffling co-worker leaning over your desk to look at your monitor, to your toddler who coughs directly into your mouth when they lean in to tell you that they love you.

While your co-worker might miss a day of work, maybe two, but manage to come back to work (undoubtedly hopped up on Sudafed), you will be sick twice as long. At least. You will be lying in bed like a beached whale. Every now and then, a family member will dare to enter your room and throw some food at you. Kind of like Sea World feeds Shamu, I am guessing. You will leave your bed, the only place that gives you a modicum of warmth and comfort, only to use the restroom. Brushing your hair or teeth is a luxury you just can’t afford.

When you do finally realize that you HAVE to go into work, because… you know… employment… It will take you twice as long to get ready, even if you skip styling your hair or putting on make-up, because you will need to take rest breaks every five minutes. Standing up is apparently really hard work and you will keep getting dizzy and nauseated.

So this is where I am at now. Last week, I could feel myself coming down with something. I was feeling more tired than usual and run-down. My sinuses felt inflamed and my throat was sore. I ran Monday and Thursday, but pretty much stayed in bed when I got home from work each night. Thursday and Friday were rough, and by Saturday, I was not getting out of bed. I missed nearly all my workouts and a race.

I made it into work today, but I am sort of on Sudafed-autopilot. My head is floating outside my body somewhere. I will get through my meetings and try to survive.

I will be creating a “germ station” at my desk. Hand sanitizer, Lysol, SOS pads… well, maybe not SOS pads. But whatever I can do to keep the germs at bay.

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