The baked beans were a bad decision.

I did manage to make it into work Wednesday, so good on me for that. I was hopped up on Sudafed and had enough projects to work on that I actually made it through the day without nodding off at my desk. Ha! Always a bonus!

It was a rainy day, so venturing out at lunchtime wasn’t much fun. I tend to eat my lunch at a little park nearby. When the weather is nice, I like to roll down my windows and listen to the little kids playing. It makes me envious of the mothers who get to spend time with their kiddos during the day. But I know that my boys are happy and I provide a great life for them, so it all evens out in the end. I am always thankful for every moment I spend with them. They are really great boys.

Speaking of great boys, I have to tell you about Tatum’s coin project at school. One of the local charities is coming up short on fund they need for holiday giving. They have some extra needy families to take care of and have asked the students to donate spare change. Tatum came home from school and immediately ran to the spare change jar. He wanted to donate it to school. We packaged up as much change as would fit in an old jar and he was so proud. Daycare told me that he was showing all the other kids and he even showed the bus driver when he got on the bus.

I don't know how he carried this in his backpack... Heavy!

I don’t know how he carried this in his backpack… Heavy!

After a quick dinner, I decided to brave the rain and go on a run. I had some energy, maybe from all that Sudafed, and hadn’t ran since Thursday. Atlas was so excited when he saw me tying my shoes that, of course, he had to go along. We did a double loop through Baldwin. The first loop we ran through the old railyard out to the grade schools, then circled back through downtown to home. The second loop, we ran through the old railyard out to the grade schools again, but instead of turning left to downtown, we turned right to check out the new sidewalk they ran along the highway from the grade schools into town.

Black dogs are hard to photograph at night.

Black dogs are hard to photograph at night.

The new sidewalk is pretty wide, and a much safer way for kids to get to school. I did notice that with the rain, the sidewalk had two big areas of standing water. They will need to work on that drainage before the temperature drop or the kids will be walking on a big sheet of ice. (Or they can bring their Tacks along and skate… That’s the hockey player in me talking…)

Somewhere in this 4 mile run, I decided that the baked beans my husband bought for a side dish were not a good plan. A half mile from home, I told Atlas that he needed to quit messing around and get home. So while Atlas was all, “Let’s play in the leaves!!,” I was more, “Hey, let’s get home before I poop my pants!”

Less frolicking! More forward progress! Please!

Less frolicking! More forward progress! Please!

I can say that I made it home without fecal incident. Atlas, however, pooped 4 times on the run. He is lucky it is socially acceptable for dogs. Running would be a whole other sport if that applied to people, yes?

Has anyone else made any unwise meal decisions before a run? (I can attest to On The Border being another bad choice before a trail run….)

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