The crazy lady running in circles.

Wednesday night I was tired. It was cold. I forgot to charge my headlamp.

Apparently, I had every excuse to not run. But I did.

It took a lot of arguing with myself to muster the motivation to get dressed and out the door, but when I did, I was happy. Again, cold, rainy and windy in Kansas. I pulled on my Oiselle capris and long-sleeve top (they are getting so much use right now!), and a light windbreaker.  Atlas was so excited while I was tying my shoes that he accidentally jumped on my bare foot. Ouch. I wasn’t up for towing him along tonight, so he was disappointed when he had to stay home.


I need to figure out better night photography.

Since I didn’t have a headlamp, I ran laps at the Baker University campus. It is a nice paved loop, about a quarter of a mile, and well-lit. There is some nice scenery and little bridges, so it is a favorite place for family walks with the kids. And since it is right across the street, it is about a convenient as it can get.

Lately, my Garmin has been taking a long time to find satellites. I stand in front of my house, staring at my watch… Cars go by… I look ridiculous, so I start putting my arm in the air, as if being a few feet higher might help… More cars go by… I look even more ridiculous.

Finally, my Garmin beeped that it was good to go, so I did some nice easy laps around the campus. Only one class seemed to be in session that late; the ground floor of a single classroom was lit and full of students. On my second pass by the windows, I wondered if the students noticed me passing by. The third time, I was sure they probably thought I was a crazy person. The fourth time, I figured that they realized I was running and not crazy. Well. Maybe a little crazy considering I run marathons for fun. But yeah. After 3 miles, the students let out of class and flooded the sidewalk. I weaved through them and slowed down for a cool-down.

When I got back home, the hot shower felt really good. I am still not recovered from my cold. My sinuses are still inflamed and my throat is sore. I came out of the shower to find my husband had laid my jammies out on the bed for me. What a nice surprise – digging for clothes is such a pain. We settled in and watched a movie. A not good movie. Nothing like staying up late to finish a movie, yet it is a bad movie, so although you want to see the ending, being tired the next morning isn’t really worth it.  We watched “The Gift” with Jason Bateman. And really, the plot was stolen from General Hospital (back when I watched GH), when Franco made Jason and Sam think that he attacked Sam and that he was the father of her baby instead of Jason.

I think I mentioned before that I love scary movies, and I got a few suggestions on Twitter from readers. How about suspenseful thrillers? Recommmendations?

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