Riding angry

Tuesday wasn’t a great day. I came out of the office to discover some jerk had hit my car and drove away. It looks like maybe their tow hitch hit my car — the hood scoop on my Mini is ruined. Not a good discovery and made for an angry commute home.

We had a quick dinner and then I told myself I had to hit the trail. I needed to get my bike done. I was tired and crabby, but it had to happen. I couldn’t find my long cycling tights, so I had to improvise. I put on my cycling cargo shorts with a pair of running tights underneath, and a long sleeved tech shirt under a long sleeved jersey.


My new running tights are pretty awesome

We hit Prairie Spirit trail, and within minutes, I was regretting not putting earwarmers on under my helmet. My ears got cold quickly and I felt like I was getting an earache. It was dark, as usual, and I just was not feeling it.

We got an hour in, and I was happy to be done. Sometimes you have to dig deep to push through a workout. It makes it all  that more satisfying to log it when you know you fought to get it done.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve 🙂



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