Black jelly beans are the best jelly beans.

A couple weeks ago, I was scanning the Jelly Bellies around the checkout area of TJ Maxx, and spotted this glorious little bag of deliciousness. A bag of black jelly beans? No way! Normally, I have to buy a bag of assorted jelly beans and pick out the paltry 5 or 6 black jelly beans. But a whole bag? Just for me? Yes! I was unnaturally excited. Thankfully the cashier agreed that black jelly beans are, in fact, the best and the door greeter could not be in our club because she didn’t like black jelly beans.


A week later, after said jelly beans had somehow disappeared, I was talking to the cashier about black jelly beans, and how Target no longer had the big Jelly Belly dispensers, when a woman behind me in line said Hy Vee still has the dispensers. Whaaaaaaat? We made an excursion to HyVee, and there it was. An entire dispenser filled with awesome licorice flavor.

Again. Maybe a little too excited.


On our way home, we made a quick pit stop at a liquor store for a pack of hard root beer (floats!!!) when I spotted this cool bottle of tequila on the shelf. No idea if it is any good. I just liked the sugar skull.


I am sad to report that the 2 pound bad of licorice jelly beans is gone. Looks like I need to shop at Hy Vee again…

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