Good day, sunshine!

Saturday, I finally got to run in the daylight hours!

I had planned to run with fellow Oiselle Volee teammate, Megan, in the morning, but when the alarm went off, it just wasn’t happening. I still can’t handle mornings yet, and this was a particularly tough one. Luckily, I texted her before she had left for Lawrence, so she got her trail miles done in KC.

By late afternoon, I was ready to roll. Atlas as I set out for the 5 mile loop at the river trails. It was great to be have some scenery, beyond what I can make out with my headlamp.

I am happy to report that the leg cramping I had been having disappeared. Such a relief. My legs had more soreness than when I was ultra-training in the spring! The worst part was trying to run up steep inclines. I wasn’t able to flex my feet up, so I couldn’t lean into the hill. I had to sort of penguin waddle my way up, and that just isn’t a good look for anyone. I charged right up the little billy goat hills and could not stop smiling.

By our last mile, we did start running out of daylight. I didn’t bring a headlamp so we picked up the pace a little bit. Finally, we crested the little hill that signals the last bit of trail. I was so surprised to see my family walking along the fence there! I gave them all high fives and they chased me back to the trailhead. Once I finished, I cheered Tatum as he lead the pack. He was running so fast with a huge smile! He told me he wants to run races, too. So… I guess we will have him start doing little runs and see when he is ready for a run/walk 5k. (Tatum is 4 – so he has some time to train!)

I wanted to take Atlas down to the river so he could see the water. The boys followed me down the steep boat ramp and challenged me to a race back up. My legs were pretty tired after 5 miles, with that kick at the end, so they beat me pretty easily back up the hill. (My heart rate jacked up instantly, so I walked around in the parking lot a minute to settle it back down.)

I thought I was shooting video. I wasn't. #fail

I thought I was shooting video. I wasn’t. #fail

Tatum decided he needed some Fro-Yo after that so we all went to Orange Leaf. Then he decided he needed a bag of gummy worms, so we let him scoop up a big bag of bulk candy at Sprouts before heading home.

Steven had promised me a date, so we had a late dinner at Olive Garden. I know, I know. Some people don’t like Olive Garden because it represents some homogenized, evil corporate chain. But really, I like it because they are consistent and reasonably priced. (And I don’t know any local Italian places.) But we probably need to work on some other restaurants to try out in the future.

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