Holiday lights

It has been awhile, huh? I will play some catch-up and do some back tracking posts for important points. We have a lot to catch up on!

We purchased a deep fryer over the weekend since I was craving homemade onion rings. I do not know why. But, the boys like homemade fries so I made those for dinner and breaded some chicken fingers in with Panko crumbs. (Probably won’t do that again as they prefer the flour and parmesan ones I normally make). Steven was late getting home (buying me an early Christmas present) so we got a later start for my run.

Atlas and I ran the Lawrence River Trail race loop. We have been hitting up that trail a lot – it is convenient to get to, drains pretty nicely after it has rained, and I know it very well. It is my happy place, my security blanket, my comfort zone.

The second Atlas sees me in running clothes, he starts jumping and barking. He just knows it is time for a run and he wants to go. It is actually nice that he is so enthusiastic because I know he really likes running and it isn’t something I am forcing him to do. He loves the trails – so he is a trail runner for sure. He usually needs to take a couple bathroom breaks the first mile, but then he is good to go and just runs along beside me. He usually likes to lead the way at first, but for whatever reason, ducks behind me for most of the run. I am jealous of his hill climbing, but he does have twice as many legs as I do…

We were not in time to run with the Trail Hawks. They were finishing as I was starting, so I waved and said HEY as we crossed paths. Atlas didn’t chase the opossums on the trail this time, so I guess he is getting used to spotting them.  With the cold weather, we did not meet any bikes tonight but he has learned how to jump off to the side when meet them.

I changed up the music and opted for my more mellow Spotify playlist. I really need to focus on just running slow and easy, and building some base back up. Listening to something less aggressive might also help with my heart rate which rockets up the first 10 minutes of a run.



After Steven picked us up from our run, I asked if we could stop by the train depot because all the trees were decorated with white lights and it was really beautiful. Steven snapped a picture of Atlas and I – and while we were mostly just a silhouette, it is a nice holiday picture of my running buddy and I.


Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies

Today is the last day of school for the boys before winter break, so I needed to make treat boxes for my 3 grade-schoolers’ teachers. We made a stop at Target for cookie supplies before heading home. I was up quite late baking “Grinch” cookies, but they came out really cute this year so I hope they bring a smile to their teachers’ faces. I adapted my recipe from here, opting to add pistachios instead of green food coloring.

By the way, my early Christmas present was an ivory Steve Madden trench coat I fell in love with at Von Maur last weekend. What a great surprise! I am totally rocking my new coat today!



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