Too many cookies

We are in the home stretch for Christmas! For the last week and a half, they have had a holiday snack table set up at my work. And unfortunately for me, it is right behind my desk. Not cool. I find myself nibbling on sugar cookies (my favorite) and little crackers a bit too often.

Too many cookies

Too many cookies

On the up-side, I managed to eat my lunch in my car without spilling any of it on the new white coat I mentioned yesterday. I was probably tempting fate by eating a chocolate frosty since they tend to get drippy, but my cat-like reflexes saved my coat.

My new coat!

My new coat!

Yesterday I also wore my new rose gold bangle. (So excited that rose gold is trending again). I noticed it matched my new planner so I felt like that was somehow a fashion win for me. I am on the look-out for rose gold nail polish, so let me know if you discover any!

Rose Gold love!

Rose Gold love!

I met the fabulous Megan after work at Starbucks to give her a gift. I was her Oiselle Secret Santa, and I wanted to be sure she got her gift before Christmas! I delivered the new long distance running book from The Oatmeal, a pair of pretty Injinji toe socks and a Hungry Runner Girl tank top.

I got home fairly late due to holiday traffic, so Steven picked up something fast for my dinner. I had intended to go on a trail run, but at that point, I was exhausted. I decided to just shift my training plan back a day and take my rest day.

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

Later that night, a friend dropped off some eggs from his chickens. He included quail eggs in the bucket. I was hesitant at first because they seemed “weird,” but they were so cute and speckled, I decided to try to find a fun Christmas breakfast recipe for them.

Speaking of Christmas recipes, the boys reported that their teachers liked their Grinch cookies. I have a bit more baking to do. I need to help the boys bake sugar cookies. Also, so Christmas Eve we have a tradition where I make “Christmas pudding,” which is actually just rice pudding in my crock pot with cinnamon and raisins, and we sprinkle “reindeer food,” which is oatmeal and candy sprinkles, in the yard. I forgot to make St. Lucia rolls on the 13th, so I will try to get those made over the weekend.

Please share some of your holiday traditions with me here or on Twitter!

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