Dogs get PRs, too

Atlas got his personal distance record last night with a 6+ mile run at the river trails and levee last night. It was a chilly run but he was rewarded with a cheeseburger after… and isn’t that why we all run? For the food? Maybe that is just me. His 6 miles PDR will be broken twice this week if he can do 8 on Friday and 10 this weekend. I am confident he can do it! He seems like he was born to run the trails.

After our run, we hit Target for some groceries. Steven learned to not wait the day before to buy a ham. He will probably have to call around to find a grocery store with hams… (I will not be partaking in the holiday meat fest. gross.) I struck-out finding rose gold nail polish at Target, so I will keep you posted when I find some. (I know you are intently following that.)

When we got home, I warmed up in the shower, which is probably my favorite thing to do after a cold run. It was pretty late so I didn’t make it through much of Bad Santa. I will probably finish watching that while I wrap presents. (Procrastination!)

The boys decided that Santa would leave better gifts if they left him a beer. (Or maybe I suggested that and they went along with it). So Santa will be getting beer and a snack tonight. Reindeer will get their standard oats + sprinkles. The boys will watch Charlie Brown Christmas. Verdict is not out for the Christmas pudding yet. They will have to take a snack vote, I guess.

Alright, trail runners… Short and sweet. Happy holidays – chug some egg nog and get some dirt.

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