Logging miles. Despite the weather.

A bit of catching up to do!

Another new white coat!

Another new white coat!

Christmas, after all the festivities were done, Atlas and I hit the trail for an easy 8 miles. It was cold, and dark, as usual, but we got in a nice run on the river trail with some additional mileage up on the levee. Right before the turn-off for the race loop, I stumbled on a tree root. Normally, I would have caught myself before I fell, but I has Atlas tethered to me. I just couldn’t recover with him having all that forward motion, so I went down. Hard. It took a moment for him to register I had fallen, so he pulled for a second and that drug my knees and hand a bit more. Once he realized what happened, he came right back to see if I was OK. I laid there and cried a second. And then I realized, well… no one can come get me. I have to get myself out of this. So I got up and decided to just make it back to my car which would give me 5 miles. After running for a mile, my knees stopping hurting and I decided that I would be angry with myself for shorting the mileage, so I popped onto the levee and got 3 more. By the time I was home, my knees were swelling and starting to bruise, so I iced my knees and hoped for the best.

At least my jammies are awesome.

At least my jammies are awesome.

Saturday was a busy day since we had to take Emery to the airport. We hit Ted’s for dinner on our way back and did a little shopping. And hey! I found some rose-gold nail polish at Sephora. (I know you must be intently following that storyline).

"Revved Up" from Sephora

“Revved Up” from Sephora

By the time we got home it was too late for a trail run, so I did a spin on the bike trainer. I really super hate the bike trainer. I am not sure if I hate it as much as I hate the treadmill, but I really hate it. The boys put on Date Night and I watched that while I rode. I don’t know that the movie makes it any more enjoyable. At least it gave my knees a little break to heal.

And that is how I feel about indoor training

And that is how I feel about indoor training

Sunday, Atlas and I hit the trail late. The temperature was dropping fast and I needed to get my long run in before the weather hit. I had wanted to do the full sugar loop on the river trail, however at 2 miles in, we encountered downed trees and it was starting to get a little sloppy on the trail. I decided to go ahead and finish the race loop, but then did shorter loops to avoid the trees. For some reason, Atlas really does not like going over or under trees. He wasn’t having any of that at all, and it took a lot of coaxing and a little dragging to get him through.

On our way home, the weather began to hit. Freezing rain started to stick and we slid our way back into Baldwin.

Don't do this to your "good" shoes

Don’t do this to your “good” shoes

Monday night, I wasn’t sure what the Lawrence trails would look like. We had snow over ice and it could have been nasty. I decided my old stand-by, Prairie Spirit trail in Ottawa might be safer. Atlas and I set out after dinner (and a slow drive to get there). I wore an old pair of shoes I had put a bunch of screws in, and they had really good traction. I just haven’t ran in anything but SKORA Running shoes in years that they just didn’t feel good on my feet. I felt like I was working really hard but not getting anywhere… maybe because I shortened my stride for safety. Maybe because the snow was causing resistance or slippage. I don’t know. I do know my butt was kicked and I came up a little short on my mileage. I also wore 2 pairs of socks (Bombas over Injinjis) and my toes were still cold! Now, one might say I would have been better off on my treadmill, but I know me. I know that a few miles in, I would be hitting the stop button because I just don’t like the treadmill. My best shot is always to be outside and to gut it out.

Running is sexy.

Running is sexy.

I have a bit of a conundrum because I am not sure what shape the Lawrence trails are in, but I don’t want to run indoors tonight.

Sigh. Winter.

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