Hooking in the New Year?

First of all, this is a bad way to start your snack. I eat 2 clementines and a piece of cheese most afternoons… and this was a pretty horrible surprise.


Have you tried the BestNine app? It tells you what your 9 most popular Instagram pictures were for the year. 2015 was a lot of running, and some biking according to Instagram. Truth be told, there was less running than I preferred, because as I  have mentioned, I’ve been pretty sick.


I learned about the Health App that was running on my iPhone all this year. I didn’t know about it, but looked at my stats when I read about it. This would be the majority of my training runs, since I don’t carry my phone during races. Therefore, my spring mileage is missing a few marathons and halves.

It is kind of cool though. You can definitely see when I got sick… But it looks like I am finally feeling a bit better, right?


For New Year’s Eve, Steven and I ate dinner at The Mad Greek in Lawrence. I love the flaming cheese (opa!) and tiramisu there. I even Snapchatted my love of desserts there. 🙂 The Christmas lights are still up in downtown LFK and are really beautiful!


After dinner, I went for a run at the river trail while Steven picked up groceries. Funny thing about that run… Steven dropped me off and I was syncing my Garmim and such. We chatted a bit before I got out of the car to get going. Right when I opened the car door, flashlights were in my face. Apparently, some cops had driven to the upper lot (with their headlights off) and walked down to the lower lot to sneak up on us. It didn’t seem like they believed I was going on a run, even though I was wearing a headlamp, mittens, headphones, running clothes, running shoes and a Garmin. They asked my name and DOB and radioed it in. (But didn’t check out my husband).  So lame! What… do I have a prostitution record? I was a little upset to say the least. On top of that, the trail wasn’t very runnable. I got it done though.

After my hooking, err, running… We went home and I made a ton of snacks for the boys. They loved everything but seemed to like deviled eggs and these ham n cheese pinwheels the best.


At midnight, we had a bit of a symbolic ceremony. 2015 has been, well… a total shitshow for me. Most days, I struggle still to get out of bed. I am sincerely ready to move on. 2015 can pretty much kiss my butt. So, I set it on FIRE!!


Burn, Baby, Burn!

New Years Day, I wasn’t able to run the fun run all my friends did. I still just can’t muster anything in the morning. I’m lucky to brush my hair. I was sad to miss running in the new year with them… but maybe next year?

Steven and I took the boys to lunch. After lunch, the boys played in the indoor playground while I popped into Ulta next door. I discovered this amazing citrusy lotion! Love it! I needed something  to keep at my desk since the winter really dries my hands out.


After a quick dinner at home, the boys accompanied me to the Prairie Spirit Trail. They watched movies and ate chips while I ran. Hardly seems fair.


Night running, no cops this time

I brought Atlas to run, but ended up leaving him with the family when he was a bit too rowdy and pulling me off the trail. I just can’t risk injury from a dumb-dumb doggy moment. The trail is still icy and snow-packed, and even with screw-shoes, it’s nasty.

I am still having crampy calves, so I stopped at each mile marker to stretch them against a post. They just won’t loosen up for me lately. All my runs this week have been painful. I really feel like the ice / snow are changing my form and causing the problem. I’m hoping that when I’m back to solid ground, the issue resolves itself. If not, I will be hitting up some sports massages.

Friday night was movies and chilling while Steven worked on sanding some shelves he built for me in the bedroom. I am so excited to display my books and trinkets! I will share pictures once I am able to paint them and decorate!

Happy New Year, friends!


2 thoughts on “Hooking in the New Year?

  1. Rachael says:

    I have been aggressively avoiding running outside until the snow or ice clear up. All it takes is a twist in the wrong direction to set my knee back several weeks. I’ve been utilizing my dreadmill and all I can say is I’m ready for some trails!


    • customgrind says:

      Treadmills are just not an option for me. I get bored, hit stop and wander away. I wish I could have the dedication to tough it out on there. I just hate it so much! And my home treadmill is so noisy! I will like I am going to fall through the floor!


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