Sometimes I envy my dog.

Sorry to report I didn’t get much running in over the weekend since we had a Saturday full of errands, namely retrieving my son from the airport. We still have nasty snow and ice lingering anyway.

image1 (3) image2 (1)

Saturday, we stopped by Ikea on the way to the airport. I wanted to pick up a new silicone pie mat, since one of the dogs ate mine. I picked one up, as well as other things not on the list including this new light fixture that looks like a freaking Death Star! Score! Maybe the fact that I had my hair in Princess Leia buns had something to do with this.

image1 (5)

Sunday, I got my hair cut and highlighted. I got some much-needed girl talk time with Victoria, who has been doing my hair for years.

image2 (2)

Monday night, Atlas and I headed out to run. I decided it was time to suck it up and run pavement. I headed out on the road known un-officially as “the road that goes out to Le Loup.” It is a very hilly two-lane that runs out of Baldwin. The very last hill before the intersection is a doozy. Turn left, you go to Le Loup. Turn right, you go to Ottawa.

The hills we not bothering me at all. The cold did not bother me. We were trucking along, hit the turn-around point… and I had to go to the bathroom. I am really jealous of Atlas who can cop-a-squat on the side of the road. I am unwilling to do so since it was a pretty well-traveled road and, with my headlamp on, I am a sitting duck, so to speak. Some people even stop to ask if I am OK as thy see me running along the road. So I definitely didn’t want anyone to catch me going to the restroom!

image1 (4)

I made a call to my husband and asked him to pick me up with a quickness. He was super-fast and got me home without a “Code Brown” incident. Yay.

I haven’t really had problems recently with needing to go while running, so I am going to attribute it to the jarring my body was taking on pavement.

Since I didn’t get the full mileage I wanted, I will get some extra in tonight instead of taking a rest day. Come on runnable trails! I need you!!!

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