Shoe love is true love.

I get asked a lot about the shoes I am wearing in my pictures. (or while running races).


I thought I would take a moment to talk about my favorite go-to shoe, since I get a lot of questions about them.


Sometime in the spring, I was given a sample pair of pre-production Skora Running Tempos. You can read all about the technical specs of the shoe here… but that isn’t my forte and will stick to my personal experiences.

image2 (9) image2 (10) image1 (13)


I had two marathons on the calendar for late-spring and I decided it was a good idea to stay with one pair of shoes to eliminate those scary “new gear” variables for racing. I immediately fell in love with the colorway I was sent, and dubbed them my “Tinkerbell shoes.” These shoes saw me through training runs, and a few half marathons.

image1 (6) image1 (14)  image1 (16) image2 (13)image1 (17) image2 (12)image2 (3)image2 (14)image1 (18)

Remembering back, the first couple times I wore them, I was conscious of the insole. The shoes have more of an arch than the other Skoras I have. I didn’t hurt. I was just conscious that it was there. After a couple of runs, I didn’t notice it anymore.

These shoes definitely have more cushion than the others in the line-up, so while I was ramping up my miles, my feet didn’t seem to mind. I decided the silver bullet solution for me is Tempos + Injinji toe socks for long runs.

I spent a lot of time on the trails, with some hill work on paved roads. The shoes held up great, although the technical sections of Clinton Lake trails definitely could have used a rockplate in the shoe. Jumping down and landing on a big pile of rocks never really feels good, I suppose.

image1 (12)image1 (8)image1 (9)image2 (5)image3 (1)IMG_6018image2 (7)image2 (8)image1 (10)

My first trail marathon was Free State Trail Marathons at Clinton Lake. I was super pumped about the race… but man, that weather forecast though. The runners doing longer distances had a head start on marathoners and half marathoners. As I started running, the sprinkles came, and then about a mile in, the downpour. It was my first marathon. My first trail marathon. I didn’t know what to do, so I followed everyone else. Without making this a full-fledged race report, let me just say that it was a slop-fest. A shitshow. It sucked. The trail became unrunnable after 16 miles or so, so I ended up walking, slipping, falling and sliding my way to the finish.

My shoes were covered in mud. At each water crossing, I stopped to clean my shoes the best I could. They were just so heavy and slick!

Never before have I ever been so happy to see a finish line!

My second trail marathon was Flint Hills Trail Run. Yay for great weather! I think runners toward the end were complaining about the heat, but I was just thrilled by not having to wade through mud and pull myself up hills using tree roots.

image1 (7) image1 (20) image2 (4) image2 (16)IMG_5820

I started the run with fellow Skora lover, Geoffrey. At around 9 miles or so, I put on the turbo-boost and ditched him. (Not really. But maybe he thinks so! Haha)

image2 (6)

The start line was sloppy, and there was one ankle-deep spot on the trail, but other than that, I had clear sailing. (That boggy start really sucked though. Nothing like getting your feet soaked right away!) It is nice that the Tempos are so meshy – the water drains right out, whereas my other shoes will hold the mud and sludge forever!


After my marathons were over, I had to make some tough decisions. My shoes were just trashed. The soles looked great! The shoe looked great! But inside, was another story. All my cushiony-foamy-cushion (real industry jargon right there!) was gone. I needed to retire my beloved Tinkerbell shoes.image1 (19)

I decided to give the other colorway a whirl since they have pretty coral shoe strings! YAY for pink and orange and coral things!


And I liked them.


I wore them.


But I missed my Tinkerbells.


So I ordered another pair of Tinkerbells.

And I save them for nice.


And use the coral ones for dirty or muddy days.

Sigh. Shoe love is true love.


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