The weather in Kansas is still not really cooperating with my running needs. I have traded ice and snow for sleet and rain. Which at least makes me less likely to all down, but renders my beloved trails a soupy sloppy mess.

Wednesday night, I broke down and ran road. Yes. I know. Desperation. I layered up, through on a reflective vest and headlamp, and hit the county road out to Le Loup. I took Atlas with me – and this was a mistake. Atlas is a trail dog. This is clear to me know. He is pretty fearful of cars flying by us at 50+ mph. I get that. It is warranted. But, since he is bungee-leashed onto me, when he darts down into the ditch every time a car comes, he drags me with him. And I am not about to get an injured related to a dumb-dumb-doggy accident. We got in our 8 miles, with the last 2 being in some pretty heavy rain that was starting to ice up the roads a bit.


Again. Running is sexy.

Thursday night, I elected to not take Atlas with me. I needed to run 6, and my usual 6 mile route is out to Douglas County Lake and back… but since I had run 8 miles of some gnarly hills the night before, I chose to run to the lake, stopping right before the big hills set in, turned around and did a loop through the brick streets on Baldwin.

My legs were already tired and felt like lead. My calves cramped up in the first few miles, so I stopped each mile to stretch them out. I just didn’t want to be out there. But I am proud of making myself go out. And when I went by my house, it would have been easy to bail on those last 2 miles, but I kept at it.

Right before my run, I was debating not going out. I posted on Facebook that I needed someone to tell me to suck it up and run. My bike-buddy Matt told me to HTFU and get out there. So yeah. Puck HTFU and got it done. The hot shower after felt pretty amazing. I am opting to do yoga on my active recovery day. I never do yoga, but right now, my legs think it sounds pretty amazing.

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