A pain in my ass.

Well, that was a fun weekend for running…

I can’t even type that with a straight face. Anyone who lives in the Midwest or follows my social media knows that is a lie.

Saturday night, I hit the trails rather late for 5 miles. I really feel better at night than in the morning, so I have become a running Vampire, of sorts. Atlas really wanted to go, but my ride to the trail didn’t bring a towel or anything to protect his backseat, so I left Atlas at home. (Steven texted to let me know that Atlas promptly took a big dump by the front door. So, I guess we know how he feels about missing a run.)

I look like a serial killer.

I look like a serial killer.

It was a cold night, 0 with the wind chill. I know that is getting into some dangerous conditions, so I layered up, and even put hand warmers in my gloves. Unfortunately, the hand warmers froze about a mile in… so good in theory, not so much in practice? I wore a balaclava, which meant that I could not wear my glasses. (It just fogs up my glasses the entire time!) I prefer to run without my mouth covered, so I would only pull it up to cover my mouth on sections without a windbreak.

I don’t know if it was being on the roads for a week, or the trails were just really rutted from the earlier mud, but I seemed to find every rut and my ankles were wobbling. Thankfully, I didn’t roll my ankle!

IMG_6735 IMG_6736

Side note, have you tried the Authentic Weather app? Somehow, really crummy weather doesn’t seem so bad when your weather report commiserates with you a bit.

Sunday it was a bit warmer that evening, around 12 with the wind chill. I was planning to run long, so I brought hand warmers and my Camelbak. Again, a mile in and my hand warmers froze. Unfortunately, my water froze up shortly after. I didn’t have Atlas with me, and the trail was spooking me out. I had planned to do the sugar loop, which just really made me feel uneasy for some reason. The way my headlamp was shining on the craggy trees… Knowing that in the past transient people have camped down there, however unlikely in this weather… I just wasn’t having it. When I hit the race loop turnaround, I took it.

Sometime in the next mile, I noticed a pinch that I am assuming is my sciatic nerve. And it didn’t feel good. I decided to pop up onto the levee for the remaining miles. I thought keeping it flat would help the pain. Unfortunately, the levee was rutted up a bit from bikes, and was frozen solid. Very hard to run on. I stayed to the far right to avoid the ruts,

When I got home, I took a hot bath and spent the rest of my evening in bed, sitting on a heating pad. I will report back on how it is feeling tomorrow as I am scheduled to run 6.



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