The dudes with the guns.

I have done a little shuffling around this week to accommodate the pain in my butt. Monday was to be 6 miles with a rest on Tuesday… So I rested on Monday to give my back a break and ran on Tuesday.

I tuck these guys in my gloves!

I tuck these guys in my gloves!

It felt pretty good out there and the 6 miles passed pretty quickly with Atlas. We hit the race loop on the river trail, and then popped up onto the levee trail to get the extra in. Atlas was in a really good mood, since he was back to running with me. Now when he is asked if he wants to run, he runs to the front door and puts his paws on the trunk that we keep his leash in.

I like to run! Running is my favorite!

I like to run! Running is my favorite!

When we were running back to the railhead from the levee, I asked if he liked to run and he turned around and started jumping on the trail. I will take that as a yes.

thicker toe socks = warmer feet

thicker toe socks = warmer feet

Wednesday, we ran 6 miles at the trail again. Atlas seemed to be taking more potty breaks than usual, which was starting to annoy me. On the way back, I let me mind wander for a second and boom! down I went. I didn’t fall down hard like I did a couple weeks ago. But it was enough to make my back not very happy. So, we started jogging back to the trailhead. We were nearly there when I ran up on a couple guys dressed in head-to-toe camo and carrying big guns. I thought for a moment they might be hunters, but they didn’t look like hunting rifles! I was so startled that I just blurted out that they had scared me, and I asked what they were doing in the dark without a flashlight. One told me they were playing “air soft.” I just asked them to please not shoot me and I sprinted back to the trailhead. (There were actually guns and ammo laid out along the trail on my way back, so I assumed they were playing some strategy/war game).

Post-run doggy kisses

Post-run doggy kisses

Once I was at the trailhead, my ride told me that there were actually 4 guys. I wasn’t sure about guns, like paintball guns and such, on the trail so I messaged my friend from the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club, who helps maintain the trail. He asked me to call him, so I talked to him a bit and gave him the details on the guys and their car. It turns out, no firearms are allowed at all – even paint ball or air pellet guns – on the trail, which is considered a city park. He notified the police, who in turn, called me and asked me for more information.

with creepy trees like this, I don't need additional stuff to scare me

with creepy trees like this, I don’t need additional stuff to scare me

Here is the deal. I told the police that I didn’t feel threatened by the guys. I was initially startled by their guns. And later I was worried I (or my dog) might accidentally be shot by them. I felt it was a safety issue. They called back later to tell me that they found the guys and talked to them, and the guys wanted them to let me know they were sorry for scaring me.

No harm, no foul. I just don’t want to see someone get hurt!

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